Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Light,

Thank you for your Divine presence in my life today. Thank you for choosing to incarnate at this time/place/instant with me. I know we’re all One in Spirit. It’s hard to recall that here in separate bodies.

Buddhists say that we are connected to all sentient beings. I believe it’s true. Although I’m more of a Spiritualist than a Buddhist. But I’m more than a Spiritualist. Maybe I’m an Expansionist? I just made that up. I don’t want to be contained by a label.

When I received Margaret/Maitreya’s energy in prayerful meditation, I discovered that one of my past lives was as some weird kind of original light/seed type thingy, which was sent from above to seed plant life on a planet. I can’t fully describe what happened as there aren’t the words. However, to me, it is evidence that we don’t just incarnate as humans. At the time I received this vision, I just thought it was a weird and wonderful ‘movie’ type of experience in my mind. Now, I’m beginning to understand why I was given this beautiful gift.

I now give thanks to the Spirit of the food I eat, which is comprised of living entities. Thank you Spirit of the watermelon I just consumed. Thank you for choosing to give me such delicious sustenance in this incarnation.

It would be pretty cool to give you something a bit spesh right now because it’s one of my founding experiences on which I’m building my new belief system (as we all do). Here is my transcript of the part of my tapes where I am describing the seed incarnation. It’s not the whole meditation but I do take it from the start. Where I insert bracketed words, it’s to explain the context as I recall it, otherwise the meaning is inadequate or confusing. These are the words I used to try and describe what I was seeing as I saw it:

“Clouds. Red. Purple cloud clusters.

Tunnel. Vortex into the white light. Magenta. Spinning purple, towards…

Red planet.

Looks like something erupting out of the top of the red planet. It comes out of the top and then flows around to the bottom and sucks up through the bottom axis of the planet and out through the top again.

A planet being born out of the top with electrical charges from the old planet to the new planet.

Spreading across. It’s hollow…planet. The electrical charge creates the surface conditions. The geography. Then the planet’s free. It’s covered in vegetation.

I’m zooming in. Zooming in. The treetops. Choosing a place. Light spirals over the treetops. I have to choose a spiral. Going into a spiral. Pulsating greenery.

[I’m] Pulsating like an egg. Like an…I’m splitting. There’s a bright centre. I’m growing and duplicating myself. But the bright centre pulsates and feeds me. It’s always the light. Pulsates out into all the cells. The light’s got cells too and it’s growing.

[Now] It’s just like a smog of light [Things got a bit cloudy instead of bright]. It’s a membrane. Mainly…reds, tangerine, whitish, opaque membrane. Something’s pushing into the membrane… And it’s penetrated. Sparkles, sparkles. And the hole closes up. And the thing’s turned into a ball in the middle, like a sphere in the middle of me. But the sparkly part…it’s attached. The ball attaches to the sparkly part. It’s like glitter only it’s alive. Beautiful colours. Pink and purple and blues. It’s getting bigger. And the ball fills the whole space.

[Deep breath]

It forms a stem. A cylindrical stem. Two petals at the top. Oh! It’s a funny looking flower. Long-pronged stamen. Purple. Four petals, six petals. No. Blah! Lots of petals. Deep. Cup. Oh? Very tall.

I’m like the first flower.

Then. Wow! There’s these transparent baby ones sprouting out of the bottom that don’t look like me. They’re totally different. They’re transparent baby blue…ish. They just fall off and go and have their own…

And I’m really huge. I’m at the bottom of a massive tree. There are spores flying out of me. Everywhere. The wind takes them. Swirling…

[Long pause] [Deep breath] My leaves are shrivelling. I’m shrinking. Into the ground.

Now I’m a burst of light. Very long tendrils. Floating. Up. I’m like a little star. Up.

In the atmosphere.

I’m just up in the clouds? Swirling clouds? It’s um…ah, a hole in the sky? A swirling, vortex hole in the sky? I’m going up back through… [It looks] like an axis. I’ve just joined with all the rest of the light now. It’s spinning in on itself like a torus.”____________________________________________

Ta dah! So there’s a large part of one of the beautiful experiences Margaret/Maitreya facilitated for me during my training course. I was pretty blown away. It doesn’t seem as weird now as it did in January. In fact that’s the first time I’ve listened to it since and I wish I’d done so sooner as I’d forgotten so much of the detail. But hearing my voice relate events is pretty fantastic, bringing much of the memory back. And I hear the surprise and emotion in places and recall how real it was.

I’ve never had such prolonged visions as I did with Margaret in meditation and also with Jean in regressions. I’m extremely grateful to have been the recipient of such revelation in this lifetime. There is no question in my mind that we incarnate in many, many ways. And we live exciting lives in between incarnations, designing worlds and life forms too.

If we just focus on our existence as humans right now, then it is easy to extrapolate our essential connectedness. I often forget, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, working, driving, shopping, rushing…that I’m One with everyone with whom I interact. Their Spirit and my Spirit are not separate in the real world. That world we cannot perceive with our ridiculously limited five senses. That world in which Margaret now resides with Maitreya, perfectly alive, although imperceptible to most of us. Alive in more ways than we are, here in the physical.

So even though most people who read this will not have met me face to face, I know that our Spirits know each other completely and with such Love that our humanness cannot yet understand. I try to remember, when each day offers up its new set of encounters, that each being I perceive is brought to me for a reason, is a reflection of myself and a facet of myself and will either give me an act of love or a call for love.

We are raised in a world of deception and opposites. We live in upside-down land. So our original responses are almost always erroneous. I often forget that there are only two options in relationships. So I usually misinterpret a call for love as an attack, just because it wasn’t an act of love. Instead of giving love in return then, I defend. Totally inappropriate. And so I suffer the consequences of my mistakes and will continue to do so until I consistently remember to offer love instead of attack in the name of defense.

How Heavenly our world will be when each and every one of us realises the reality of our eternal and intrinsically connected natures. For only then, will we awaken to the true path to ‘Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men’. Amen.

Thank you Divine Spirit for nudging, bumping and corralling me onto this beautiful road to Enlightenment in the company of like-minded beings.

Namaste, my Sisters and Brothers,