I thank God every day I have the knowledge of Astrology in my life! I recently went through a really bad time to do with clearing negative energy, but I was able to see in my daily transits it was meant to be. Had I not been able to see that, I would surely have given my work away. For me Astrology is my Guardian Spirit, leading and guiding me to not only see my experiences are destined, but also WHY!

I do not check my transits of the planets every day, but when I hit a bad day, I do check it.  I have never had a time when I have looked at my transits that it has not given me the answers. I was able to “spy”on the daughter I gave away for adoption through her teen life, even though she was NOT in my life, by monitoring her transits. Later when we met and became close, I told her about her life, at what age she did things, and she informed me I was very close to reality.

You do not need a University degree to understand astrology. I have no left brain energy whatsoever, I am all right brain, but I can understand it because of how Maitreya taught me, and the books he led me to, to learn from. One of the best books is “Astrology for Dummies”

Through Astrology, I can find out what the next year’s energy will be like, and if I feel I cannot handle it, I can change it. I can understand why I am going through crap, or why in certain areas of my life, things are slow for me. I can find out about my emotions and how they will affect me, or discover the energy about a place I am traveling to and what it will be like for me. For instance, Colorado in the USA is not good for me, especially Denver, yet Singapore is brilliant, especially for business. I would be beating my head against a wall in Colorado and it would be so hard to work there. Why waste my energy there, when I can go to Singapore and be very successful? If we could all understand Astrology, the world would be a better place, because we would all understand WHY things happen, and not be so concerned. It is the first piece of learning in detachment, when you can understand why.

Astrology allowed and helped me to know what my relationship with my husband Alan would be like. Fortunately, it was good, but it is not perfect. However, I was able to see the areas we would have problems, and correct those areas. If you have your pet’s birth details, you can have a chart and report on your pet to enable you to know it better. The same with your children. Do you really KNOW your children? If you do not, how can you guide them for the future? An astrology report will help you to do that.

People ask me how I am able to live a stress free life (as near as possible anyway) and I tell them “being helped by astrology.” There is so much one can learn, even having an astrology chart/report done via a computer program. As soon as anyone close to Alan and I has problems, we look at the astrology of that person and lo and behold, it is there in the chart. I am so blessed to have the gift of not only being an astrologer, but also having Astrology in my life to guide and help me. So very blessed indeed!