In the U.S., they just celebrated a big holiday known as Thanksgiving. It has evolved into a time when families and friends get together around a nice meal and give thanks for what they have. I am grateful that we have a roof over our head, food we can put on the table, but most importantly, I am most thankful for the knowledge that Maitreya has provided to me. It has helped me to navigate and understand my journey and to comprehend the happenings of the world we live in.

From Paris to the U.S. to the Middle East to just about anywhere on the Planet, it seems like we are reaching an anger point that is bursting. It is driven by humanity’s fears that stoke their emotions and feed energy to the very actions that perpetuate the fear. Those in power further the fears by promoting a mentality of “us versus them” as they pull the strings to grab more control over our lives. Sound familiar, welcome to the ego of mankind and what has transpired throughout human history. I remember sitting around many a Thanksgiving table discussing the blight of the world that never seemed to change, same drama with different actors.

But thanks to Maitreya, the clarity that is gained when you realize it is all an illusion if only you can detach from what you are being fed and focus on you. Easy to say, but it is a vigilant battle on a soul level to escape from the big bad world we live in. It is especially difficult now with not only the 24-hour access to news, but with the social media aspect to drive the emotions to new heights. While our old news was driven by those in power, our current information by way of social media is now driven by us and whatever we want to say from our perspective, no matter if it has any truth in it or not. I guess what I am saying is, we used to be manipulated by a few, now if we buy into our cable and the social media engine; our emotions are feasting on the whole turkey. I can crawl into my own bubble and never see or read anything that I disagree with. I can validate my truth with just a click of a button as I troll my thought bubble. I can pontificate and share views I agree with to those in my circle. Unfortunately, the thought bubble, if it is driven by emotions is just a provocative seduction by those in power or self-sabotage by our lower self-aspect trying to insure we never see or experience our true destiny. The bigger picture is you and what is your purpose here on this planet. Are you feasting on emotions when you are supposed to be detaching from emotions? Nobody had ever told me that until I met Maitreya. Even with this knowledge, the road is an arduous journey full of potholes.

The unrest all over the world is generating a Utopia of emotions in our consciousness to dine upon. It’s so easy, what item on the menu would you like; us versus them, greed, abuse of power, poverty, helplessness, human rights, abortion, LGBT issues, victimhood. What’s unique about this menu, it isn’t some sale where its buy one get one free, all items on the menu are free for your taking. You can gorge yourself silly, feed that self-aspect of your lower self so that you don’t have to look inside your self and investigate the true you. The irony is that the emotions that are evoked within you related to any of these or other issues are just aspects within you that you have chosen not to deal with or don’t understand.

Try and remember, these issues that are unfolding around us are just props to allow us to come to grips with our inner-self or some might say to face our demons. Yes, there is a human component to everything, but if you have the knowledge of the soul never dying, it can be the universe’s way of throwing you a life ring to latch onto to ease your pain. The Universe is trying to pull us back to our self for contemplation and reflection rather than float helplessly in the ocean of emotions. Remember the world is just like us; it will change when it is ready to change. Often times, real nasty things have to transpire to push us to see the light. Many around us can see our dilemma and solution, but we are blind to it until that moment in time that it makes sense to us. Many people don’t comprehend what Maitreya means when he says “that to be Spiritual you DON’T have to give up anything.” In reality, when something no longer makes sense to you on your journey you give it up at that point in time. That could be smoking, drinking, a marriage, a child, a belief or anything else available that you have been attached to until the time when the attachment for you is no longer there. Often you may have to face ridicule from those close to you as you let something go that no longer works for you, but that is part of the journey.

It is interesting for me, because I have sat around a Thanksgiving table many times and the discussion is wrapped in emotion and the pontifications are centered on what people can’t possibly give up or hold most dear. To the detached observer these are exactly the items they need to let go of if they wish to solve their dilemma. But, they like us will do it in their time. As I’ve mentioned before, I can be quite critical and judgmental, but as of late every time I am critical or judgmental to someone, it is like I am shown a picture of a similar situation relating to me, and then the word “Hypocrite” dances in my head.

So we’ve come full circle, I give thanks to the knowledge I have gained from Maitreya. As humanity’s emotions are played out on the world stage, the knowledge he has imparted to us makes the world I live in make sense even in times of crisis. I will continue to try and focus on myself. I give thanks that even though the world is in turmoil, it is evolving and changing just like me and in its’ own time. How about you?