The Age of Aquarius – New Year and New Beginning 
by Jean Luo

It never ceases to amaze me how powerful and accurately Astrology works on us both individually and collectively regardless whether you believe in astrology or not. We all have witnessed the power of planetary movement through astrology for what has happened and what we have experienced in the year of 2020.

Astrologically, the year 2020 began with a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 10th, indicating some event would in some way shakeup the structures that were no longer working for us personally and socially. Then on January 12th we underwent a very rare, but significant astrological formation in the Universe, in which the transit Saturn and Pluto formed an exact conjunction in Capricorn. This astrological configuration launched a 38-year period of change and transformation surrounding social and governmental structures, societal norms, traditions, and conditioning. On top of that, the Planet Jupiter transited into Capricorn on December 3rd, 2019, and stayed there for a whole year till December 19th, 2020, and the Sun, Mercury, and the South Node were all in Capricorn in January. Out of this stellium Capricorn energy we experienced the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and it very quickly became a pandemic that has greatly affected the whole human world as it has impacted our lives socially, economically, and politically. The impact has been far reaching and still ongoing!

Whoever foresaw that a small Virus which we named ‘Covid-19’ would rock the whole human world with such an overwhelming force?! Who could have imagined that a small Virus would reshape our human world on the Earth Plane forever?! Unfortunately, no one could foresee the magnitude of its impact, but astrology did! Through the pandemic, the dysfunction, fraud, corruption and some deep social issues around power, government, authority, inequality, etc. were all exposed and laid bare for all to see. Our individual and collective life structures, functions, operation, and direction are suddenly being shaken and broken down. Every aspect of our daily lives that we were used to living is being greatly and inevitably changed during this disruption that has consumed the year 2020. The irony is that we were all in it and we were all a part of it! During the entire year of social turmoil, it was for sure that we were being forced to awake the spiritual part of us and to change the way we used to live our life individually, collectively, personally, and socially.

The small coronavirus we have labeled Covid-19 is not here to destroy mankind, to the contrary, it is here to help us clear away the old and outworn energy that no longer is necessary in our lives. It is enabling, nudging, or forcing each of us to make the necessary changes to pave the way for a new energy to come in. It is the catalyst created by the Universe to initiate the chance to restructure, reshape, and recreate a better society for all of us to live. The old energy, old structure and old way of life must go so that the new energy, a new society, and new way of life can emerge for us to recreate!

Astrologically, the time has come! As we all read and heard late last year, there was a shift of energy called the “Great-conjunction” of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21st 2020, the day of Winter Solstice. On that day of the Winter Solstice, the planet Jupiter was in exact conjunction with Saturn at 0- degree Aquarius, indicating the beginning of a new 200-year “Air” era, or many call it “the Age of Aquarius”. In other words, this astrological happening in the Universe indicated the end of the 200 years of “Earth” age and the new beginning of the 200 years of “Air” age.

In astrology, Jupiter and Saturn are the largest and most important Planets in our solar system. They both are categorized as “the Social Planets”, meaning that their impact is not only personal but social at large. In the last two centuries, the social planets Jupiter and Saturn have occurred in “Earth” elements, thus, human society has been focusing its living on Earth values – money, materials, resources, status, consumerism, and capitalism, etc.  But now, the Planet Jupiter and Saturn have formed the exact conjunction in the same “Air” element in the sign of Aquarius at zero degree on the day of Winter Solstice, indicating the energy shift, and the shift will inevitably change our lives personally and socially, individually, and collectively.

Why is it? The Solstices and Equinoxes are astrologically the most important turning points of the year because this is when the Sun changes direction in the sky; The sign of Aquarius represents humanitarianism, social causes, friendship, teamwork, communities, and innovation; the conjunction at 0° Aquarius is the 1st degree of the sign, it is often the most potent degree of indicating the new beginning with full manifestation power! Thus, this conjunction is astrologically extremely significant and huge. Everything in the human world will start to change beginning 2021 and will last the next 200 years! Thus, 2021 will be the NEW BEGINNING OF THE NEW ENERGY!

Now you can see why 2020 has been a difficult year because it is a transition year, getting us ready for the age of Aquarius, and change is never easy! Hopefully, the most challenging and tough work has been done for us personally and for mankind at large. The Universe has opened the new door for mankind to the energy of the Universal Brotherhood through the “Great Conjunction” of Saturn and Jupiter at 0-degree Aquarius; and we have the new opportunity to raise our consciousness individually and collectively so that we can responsibly and collaboratively create a beautiful human society of true freedom, individual uniqueness, equality, respect, collaboration, peace, and harmony.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, and Aquarius is the sign of independence. Saturn will be in Aquarius for the next 2.5 years till March 2023. While Saturn is in Aquarius, we are being asked not to blame the government and establishment for what goes wrong and what has made life difficult, instead, we, the people, must take responsibility for our lives and our true freedom and independence which can only be found when we stop looking up to the establishment and looking for answers from outside us. The answers can only be found when we stop giving our power away to those in power and control. If we take full responsibility for our lives, as long as we make our choices and decisions from our heart, not from our emotions, fear, and insecurity, we will not only make positive contribution to our own life but to human society as a whole. The real revolutionary change can only take place from within ourselves.  As Maitreya stated, “You cannot heal the world until you can heal yourself.” – from Maitreya Quotes App

The planet Saturn in Aquarius is providing us the true opportunity to build sustainable foundations based on Aquarian values of humanity, freedom, individuality, equality, insight, clarity, sharing knowledge, and collaboration. The Planet Jupiter will stay in Aquarius throughout 2021, departing on December 29th of 2021. It will provide us the energy of far-reaching vision, upliftment, positivity, faith and believing ourselves as well as our fellow human brothers and sisters at large; It will help us dream more boldly than we ever did before, but unless we BELIEVE and give it a try, nothing will ever happen.

2021 will be a great opportunity of monumental shift in the way we get on with our lives, and a beginning of a big change for ourselves and for the society at large. Jupiter and Saturn joining forces in the sign of Aquarius will provide us the energy to change us individually and collectively from doing things the “Earth way” for survival in the material world to doing things the “Air way” for creating a human society of equality, freedom, fairness, collaboration, sharing, connection, brotherhood and sisterhood, peace, and harmony. Thus, we must overcome our own limited beliefs which keeps us small and enslaved in a mythical integrity driven more by emotion and fear rather than empathy and understanding; we must take our power back in our own hands by taking full responsibility.

As always, life is all about change and it is inevitable; And the process of creating something new will never be an easy one as we must let go of the old and stagnant values, beliefs, conditionings, habits. However, change enables us to move out of stagnation and our old paradigms; change directs us to a better way of life. Thus, while 2021 may be still intense, it will be an extraordinary year.

Make 2021 your year of being the authentic YOU! ALL be well.