The Brighter Side

We’re entering the holiday season and emotions can run high as families and friends gather. It is often a time of reflection and contemplation. Our lower-self-aspect will often punish us by comparing our lives, choices, and situation to others. I was reminded recently of a newsletter I wrote back in 2013 when Margaret and myself were struggling emotionally and financially as we navigated our time in India. With Covid and World turmoil running on steroids, try and find the brighter side of your life journey. Don’t beat yourself up, try and knock back the emotions, accept life as a journey, and see the beautiful soul that you are.

Ironically, here was my today’s Maitreya Quote. Ask not, “Why do they hurt me?” Ask instead, “What can I learn from this experience?” As time passes you will see what it is you are to learn. For your daily inspiration and guidance, download the app for free at

Trying To Find The Brighter Side

Margaret and I were having a rough day of clearing the other day in Hyderabad India. Margaret’s struggles were far greater than mine as she is an incredible energy-clearing house to assist those on the other side of the veil to shift the energy of the earth-plane. In times like this as with anyone experiencing an emotional event it can be a very draining and sometimes soul-searching time.

The lower self/(ego) part of you has you questioning every aspect of what you are doing or why you are doing it. The emotional quicksand is dragging you into the depths of what I call the “Poor Me Syndrome.” We’ve all been there and if you’re like me, will continue to visit it from time to time. In times like these, I try my hardest to find a glimmer of perspective or understanding in the experience. I have found this helps provide me a pathway to learn from the event, and more importantly, it enables me to resist the emotional quicksand that can cloud my perspective and, in many cases, consume me.

As Margaret was struggling through this 24-hour ordeal that she has come to accept as a part of her work, I mentioned to her the bombing in Hyderabad the previous evening. All the family and friends whose lives changed in an instant. In all her discomfort, our issues and lessons on an emotional scale were not anywhere close to those that had just lost loved ones in the event of the previous night. What lessons had they chosen to learn from this unexpected life-changing event? Will they be able to find a brighter side?

As Maitreya has often said, “There are NO ACCIDENTS, only learning experiences.” Unfortunately, without knowledge of who you really are and how this earth-plane really works, the pathway from the depths of your despair to finding that brighter side may prove to be very elusive. I encourage you to visit and peruse the Maitreya writings and channelings. I know they have really assisted me to understand and navigate my soul-searching experiences.

Have a good month,