Dennis Dossett

The Brook©

Gurgling, laughing, leaping with joy
as you bound from rock to rock,
lost in contemplation as you pause in the
quiet repose of your eddies and pools.

You glisten, you shine in the light of day, but
your nightly presence is known only by your sounds
as you dance through the darkness—always in motion,
but without apparent thoughtful purpose.

Indeed, your very “noisy-ness” is your hallmark,
the singular trait for which you are known by all.
And yet, you are not really known by any, for
your inner life is known only to you.

Your secret goal, unknown to others of your kind,
is to merge into the vastness of the sea, fulfilling
your destiny, and losing your little identity of self
in the omnipresent Self of the Infinite Ocean.

How very much like me you are, and yet,
how very much like you I long to be!

For you are not just water. You are not a river,
you are not a lake. You are a brook,
distinguished by HOW your essence,
your Higher Self, flows THROUGH you.

You nurture life. You ARE life. Everything
you touch blossoms and grows, its
own essence—its own Higher Self—linked
inextricably with your own.

Your freedom is your service.
Your service you give no thought to.
You just touch, impersonally, yet intimately sharing
your peace and joy, your Higher Self, with all you touch.

Indeed, your service is your very freedom.
The secret of your freedom lies not in
WHAT you are but in HOW you express
your essence, your Higher Self.

How very much like me you are, and yet,
how very much like you I long to be!


Have a great month!