The Choices 😊Outcomes 😊Learning 😊 Conundrum 😊

We recently decided to look for a house to buy rather than rent as we have done for the last few years to support our nomadic lifestyle. We really liked the first house we visited but collectively had a few questions on was it really 100% of what we wanted. After some deliberation, we decided to put a bid in for the house that was over the owner’s asking price but made a “Choice” not to go to the maximum offer our budget would have allowed us to go. We ended up not getting the house by a miniscule amount to another competing bid. The “Outcome” resulted in the mood of our household dropping like the air pressure in a balloon that just got popped by a needle!

A couple of members of the household saw attributes of the house that a couple other members of the house didn’t see and unfortunately, they didn’t make the case to push our bid higher. So, when we didn’t get the house by the slimmest of margins, a lot of pent-up emotions and energy came flying to the surface. You might even say, “The Shit Hit the Fan”! LOL, Let the “Learning” begin!

Were we supposed to get the house? If we had, the intense emotions that have arisen over the last couple of weeks probably would have remained dormant and not have seen the light of day. To add frosting on the cake, the universe has brought other house opportunities, but none of them have quite met our criteria and we are constantly brought back to the comparison of the initial house that we let slip thru our grasp.

I’m convinced that we weren’t supposed to get the first house, the Universe just used it as a trigger to bring out some stagnate energy within the group that needed to come to the surface. I won’t even confess to know whether it has all played out yet. What I do know is that if we keep comparing back to the initial house that we lost due to a “Choice” we made that is gone, we won’t move forward. If we keep focusing back on the initial choice rather than use our energy to learn from the experience, we’ll just be stuck in a loop as the Universe rubs our nose in our “Choice” with which we haven’t dealt with the “Learning” side of the Choice-Outcomes-Learning Conundrum!

All “Choices” lead to “Outcomes” and that is where we need to get into the layers of emotions that we are processing with the choice we made to help us understand what we were supposed to “Learn” from the experience. Don’t be fooled, you may even be filled with elation from a Choice and Outcome, but what is the Learning you should be seeing from the experience rather than the emotion of the moment, which is the “Nugget of Knowledge” that the Universe is trying to assist you to “Learn” from the experience.

The house hunting continues, but I think it is just the playground we’ve chosen at this time to experience the Conundrum of Choices, Outcomes, and Wonderful Learning Experiences.

Don’t forget, the Universe is always using our experiences to allow you to Drop Some Emotional Baggage Along the Way! Let them out, don’t repress them, but don’t get lost in them! Try to learn from the Experience. Right now, I’m afraid we’re lost in the Emotional stage! 😊

Have a great month,