The Creator in All Things

I used to see inequality and inequity as being ugly, and needless to say, I ended up seeing ugliness everywhere because inequality and inequity exist everywhere.

Whether we like it or not, inequality is how the Creator experiences diversity and polarity, and inequity allows the Creator to know what It is not.

Without inequality, there would only be one color in the rainbow for that is what happens when all colors are equal in frequency. All things would become homogeneous when they are of the same frequency.

Without inequity, love would not know its opposites and souls would not get to experience and exercise their freedom in choosing love over not-love. We are basically illusionists who have chained ourselves up with not-love so that we may then learn to free ourselves from it, and this is a game we cannot play without inequity and the polar opposites of love and not-love.

Equality and equity are not only impossible here on polarity earth but would also be quite uninteresting and unenlightening.

There will always be wealth or income inequality among us but we can always see it as a form of diversity or polarity. Certainly, if we happen to be one of those who feel a strong pull to help moderate the levels of wealth or income inequality existing in our community, by all means honor that inner calling but the fact remains that the large majority of us are not here to do so. It is usually the poor and not the rich who complain about wealth or income inequality. If we happen to be unrich and complaining about wealth or income inequality, it is quite likely that we are just indirectly and subconsciously blaming others instead of taking responsibility for the undesirable financial situation we find ourselves in. Sometimes it is to change our financial situation but sometimes it is to change our perception of what is considered enough or desirable. We might already have enough but we desire more so as to feel more secure and safe, and there is no limit to feeling secure and safe for we can always feel even more secure and safe. Moreover, for the spiritually inclined to be so unduly disturbed and distracted by issues of wealth or income could be an indication that one has over-prioritized the seeking of samsaric happiness and lost sight of nirvanic bliss.

There is in fact already equality among us if we choose to see it that way, for we are all inherently the same. While all things are obviously different, they are in essence the same. All things are simply energies vibrating at different frequencies and differ only in form but not in substance. Everyone and everything is just Creator’s Light refracted and distorted in different ways and to different extent.

We are not children of God who are different and separate from God, just as children are different and separate from parents. We are God Itself manifesting-masquerading as gods and goddesses. We are like an Ocean who by focusing on the surface allows us to forget we are an Ocean and believe that we are just wavelets, some of which are smaller, shorter or slower while some are bigger, taller or faster. There is ultimately only One Being — which means that I Am You and You Are Me. We are more than interconnected, we are the Same Being. We are the Creator interacting with the Creator in a world of joyful and painful experiences, all of which are but a Manifestation of the Creator.

The more we can see the Creator in all things — especially people whom we consider difficult and nasty, or whom we have prejudice against — the more peaceful and blissful we will feel. In a way, everyone has every right to be unhappy and express that unhappiness if that is what they wish. We get ourselves in trouble only when we judge whether they should or should not be the way they choose to be.

It is certainly not easy, and perhaps not even humanly possible, but the spiritual ideal is to be able to accept even the unacceptable and love even the unloveable. It is because notions of “unacceptable” and “unloveable” are just our prejudices or biased perceptions. To some others, such as their mother or father, they could be highly acceptable and loveable. Indeed, in the eyes of the Creator they are perfect and divine.

It is not the negative that needs to be healed and transmuted, it is our prejudiced perception of what we consider to be negative that really needs to be freed and released, and thereby liberating we ourselves. It is not the negative object but we ourselves the subject that needs to be healed and liberated. The object is only a mirror for we the subject so that we may know what are the prejudices within that we need to illuminate and liberate. Perhaps even harder to notice and release are self-judgment or prejudices we have toward ourselves, the negative within that we find unacceptable and unloveable such as our unpleasant emotions, unkind reactions, and unwise decisions — which are negativities within that if we can accept will help us to also accept them when they appear without.

When our love is able to cherish the unlovable and our light able to illuminate our dark prejudices, our love becomes greater and our light brighter. More precisely, it is not our Love/Light that has grown for the Creator’s Love/Light is always as infinite as ever, it is our capacity or bandwidth as mini creators to transmit the Creator’s Love/Light that has grown. As mini creators, it is our destiny to keep growing and expanding, to keep rising vibrationally through the dimensions, until we are eventually as great and magnanimous as the Creator, and we do so by peeling away layer upon layer of distortion until we realize that we were all along none other than the Creator in disguise.

Our level of happiness is highly but inversely correlated with the amount of prejudices we have. How much beauty and divinity we wish to perceive and notice is how much peace and bliss we shall have.

Everything is energy and the Presence of the Creator can be felt in all things and all energies, including those our prejudices consider ugly, negative, unacceptable, or unloveable. Similar to what Einstein said about choosing to live life as though everything is a miracle or as though nothing is a miracle, we can choose to see the Creator everywhere or nowhere at all.