Sunday January 8, 2018

I fell today while walking through the woods along a path that I take often. My initial panic and cry of “Oh no,” turned to delight and joyful giggles as I landed and sunk into the deep soft snow. Fond memories of jumping into piles of the white stuff flooded my mind. The voice inside me scolded. “Loosen up,” it said. “You’re way too tense and that invites hurt.”

I realized that lately I have been holding myself in a tight grip of fear and anxiety. My mind was constantly ‘what ifing’ and wondering how I would possible deal with coming change and what is going on in the world. No wonder my body ached and my vision felt foggy. I had forgotten that it’s ok to let go and sail through, trusting that there is a soft landing somewhere.

As I maneuvered my way up out of the snow and back onto the path, the words of my late mentor and teacher, Margaret McElroy, came forward. “Move those molecules!” I felt my energy release and expand, and my body softened.

After brushing myself off, I continued the walk along the path. My steps were surer, my body lighter and my mind clear and quiet. I became part of the beautiful, soft, white energy around me. I knew that another fall would not be the disaster that my mind imagined.

Lesson learned! If I am constantly bracing myself for a fall, I will be trapped in a tight ball of tension and fear, unaware of my path and surroundings. Loosen up and allow energy to flow! Falls are inevitable. However, a fall can bring relief, reminders and clearer vision, even if there is some hurt involved. Another fall may not be as fun as this one was, but I will survive and make my way back along that path, as it is meant to be.

Linda Zeppa, is an author, writer, educator, intuitive development coach and guide, a writing coach and guide and editor. For more information see or contact