The “Fog Selling” Motivational Speaker, The Hamster Wheel, and Steps to The Awakening

What is going on with this world? …. some will say, while slurping their morning coffee and scrolling through the FB news. Bad news, catastrophes, crime, ohhh, there she is – another motivational speaker, a coach trying to sell you a quick fix, all the while you are cynically smiling with contempt, but still scrolling. More politics, more struggling FB friends trying to fake their happy lives.

By the second coffee, you already have had enough of social media and are trying to make it through your day and errands. You are bloated, your face shows another proof of misalignment, you are anxious, angry, and overly unhappy.

But anyway, you are deeply repulsed with anything being different. You see danger in technology, new ways of thinking and you, oh, you wish things could go back to their old ways of being. Life was so much easier in the past, people were happier. Or you thought. You are sighing with dissatisfaction.

You are putting on your office uniform and thinking about that repulsive manager and stinky coworker. You are sitting in your old car and heading to that miserable job anyway.  Telling yourself, you have to do it, or else… Negative dark thoughts are rushing in, and you sense your anxiety filling up your body, then your car. You think about your spoiled children and grinchy spouse. You think how you made a mistake. With everything.

You just want out. You cry in your sadness and ask God for help. But you are heading to your lousy job and putting on your fake smile to survive the day. You just repeat your cycle, unhappy but, still waiting for the miracle.

You are repeating this very same thing, over and over, day after day. Every time praying for help.

One day, you get fired and next, the mortgage company is putting your house into foreclosure.  Great! You think sarcastically. What misery is coming next! Then you find out your spouse is having an affair and wants a divorce. You are done! Oh, let’s not forget, your car left you as well. And fixing it, costs more than getting another one. You are holding your head and panicking.  You are calling for God again. This time you’re not angry. You are scared.

But then, there is that one friend, like me, who will tell you to look at this as an opportunity for change. The Universe is delivering to you, massive change. No more unsatisfied job, no more unhappy marriage and fake smiling throughout your life accompanied with alcohol and pills to make you feel better. Be happy even if it’s hard momentarily. You can now build your new life! You see, you prayed for change, and it’s happening! And you will look at me like I’m a crazy, brainwashed freak. You will say: I never asked to be ripped of everything I had! I don’t want this. I want better, not less.

I’ll say: but in order to get better, you have to make room for it. This is just a transition to your better, happier life. Just think about all the possibilities.

You will give me another dissatisfied look, and you will perhaps delete my number.

Who the hell needs this kind of crazy, optimistic friend anyway? You don’t, for sure.

Now, on top of that you are physically ill, and feel like dying. You spend your days trying to land the same type of job you had and get your spouse back. You spend hours on the phone contemplating your miserable life with the same type of miserable and unhappy friends. In the nighttime, you take your pills and lay in your empty bed. Life doesn’t make sense for you…

I have to stop now; I’m making myself depressed just by writing about it. You know where I’m heading with this.

And you, have to stop, as well. With all the negative thinking, you are feeding and spreading that dark cloud around yourself and others. Just stop. Make yourself stop.

If you’d just understand how everything can change instantly when you change your thoughts. By changing your thinking, you are automatically changing your vibration. By changing your vibration, you are changing your attraction. You suddenly start attracting more laughter, positive people, and more happier circumstances. You start manifesting a more pleasing life. A life you don’t want to run from. You are the creator of your destiny. You. Only you.

Fairytale? Crap? Never gonna happen to me. I’m not that lucky. That’s not my destiny. It’s God’s will.  You will say.

And here you are, circling on your hamster wheel again. Being miserable.

Perhaps you recognize someone like this in your surroundings. Perhaps it was once you, as well. And you wonder how to help?

We can’t force our belief system on anyone, or argue about it. We can’t change anybody. Even we suffer watching our loved ones and millions of others, stubbornly struggling, and fixed to their hamster wheel, climbing on once again.

The process of awakening and new awareness has to come naturally. When it’s right. Or when they dive deep in despair and fall to the bottom. Then, we can offer our hand of help but it’s their choice to accept it. Again, we can’t force it.

You have to be aware of the Massive awakening that is happening. The Photon energy is changing the Earth- which is a living breathing organism. Everything is shifting, and Earth is peeling the layers of conditioning and life organisms that are not beneficial to Her anymore.

Life is a change.

You can’t stubbornly stay the same while the whole world is changing. It’s just not possible.

If this triggered you, I’m happy. Perhaps, next time while scrolling your news feed, you will actually read something from that “fog selling” coach or astrologer or listen to some motivational video.

Awareness is a step to the Awakening.

In the meantime, I wish you all well, less miscommunication during this retrograde season and massive success on the inner work we are required to make in order to shift our awareness.