The Goddess Rising
by Deidre Wilton

What I am understanding and learning more and more through my own life experiences and the stories I hear from my clients and students all over the world is that self-worth and self-love are the greatest power tools we have.  Yet we are terrified and often feel powerless to use these or step into their power, simply because, and especially as women, we have been conditioned to doubt and judge ourselves instantly, readily and more harshly than we ever deserve.  When we feel victimised, back stabbed, betrayed and badly treated it is because a part of us identifies with this and relates to it and therefore wants us to run with these feelings.  We carry the pain of our ancestors as much as our own “this lifetime” pain, and these wounds are triggered by the behaviour of others and how we react to them.  We know on a rational and logical level that we are good people, that we do good things and that we are worthy, yet so often we allow all of this to be swept away by the opinions or actions of another person.  We are SO conditioned to care about what other people think of us, and this, in turn, leads us to validate ourselves based on their opinions.  It’s crazy, but we all do it, and we all need to change it.

As the Goddess energy rises in all of us, male and female, we are being asked to speak our truth, to call out unacceptable behaviour and treatment of ourselves and others, and in doing this we so often end up feeling like the bad guy – the one who has upset everyone and the status quo.  But when we do speak our truth, we are acting from our highest consciousness, our connection to God and the Universe; the part of us that knows so clearly the difference between what is right and wrong.

There is a price to pay for standing up for what is right and what is decent, fair, just and good in life.  If you wish to stand up for what is right and good and of the light, you have to be prepared to be abused and hated for it.  Every person in history, big or small, who has chosen to stand up for what is right has, at some stage, been made to feel like they were so wrong and so bad, and to suffer the persecution and condemnation of others.  And they, like you, had a choice to continue on with what their inner Goddess was telling them or to give in to the judgement and negativity that was being directed at them.

The beautiful divine Goddess within us all is our self-worth and our self-love.  Those two power tools that define how we feel about ourselves and how we navigate our soul journeys.  The patriarchal energy of Capricorn currently controlling Saturn and Pluto is pushing all of those validation buttons, all of those parts of us that Society says we must not speak up about or rise up against.  But the Goddess within us all cannot be stopped, and she is now rising, and she knows the difference between right and wrong.  Yes, she will bleed and yes she will feel immense pain, but she will fight, and she will not be kept down anymore.

Never be afraid to speak your truth and to call another soul on what your heart tells you is NOT right – this is your purpose in being on the earth plane at this time.  Each and every one of us is here to raise the bar, to fight against bigotry, judgement and hatred, that is why you chose to be born at this pivotal time on the earth plane.  You are here to be and bring LOVE.

So, we focus now and always only on those who love and support us and give NO energy to those who do not.  We stand up for what is our truth, and if someone tries to put us down for it, we step away from them in the knowledge that this is only their wound attacking us, it is NOT and never will be the reality.

Sending blessings of strength and unconditional love to the Goddess in each and every one of you from the Goddess in me xox.