The Hall of Mirrors

Maitreya taught that when we pass into the World of Spirit, that we are slowing awakened until we come to the full comprehension that we have, in-fact passed into the next dimension, i.e., we died! Once we’re fully aware of our passing we then experience what Maitreya described as “The Hall of Mirrors.” This where we have a full life review, we experience all our emotions relating to the choices we made and also get to feel the emotions of all those that we have impacted with our choices. As you can imagine it must be an incredible emotional rollercoaster.

In her teaching, Margaret shared a childhood event which Maitreya used to illustrate what she will encounter in The Hall of Mirrors when she passes. When she was in grade school, to be funny she used her ruler to flip the wig off the shy little girl sitting at the desk in front her. The little girl had alopecia and was completely bald. When the wig went flying to the front of the room and the little girl had to go pick it up, you can only imagine what she felt. Well, as Margaret described her visionary experience in The Hall of Mirrors, she said she felt every aspect of the emotional shame and embarrassment this little girl experienced. It’s a great reminder to assist us as we make choices relating to others.

I was recently at my 50-year high school reunion interacting with people that frankly, I vaguely remembered their names. BUT, for some reason, Maitreya’s teaching about The Hall of Mirrors came into my consciousness as I’ve replayed the evening in my head. Would I be re-living some of these people’s emotions relating to what they felt because of a comment or action I took during our school days? Food for thought.

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