I was a bit cocky about this current Mercury Retrograde Period. “Oh, it’s not going to bother me much” I thought to myself, “I don’t have any planets in Aquarius, it’s taking place in my 5th House [again where I have no planets], I’ll be fine”, I thought. Wrong! Instead it has re-gurgitated ALL of the decisions I have made in my life to be re-looked at and made me realise just how much easier I could have made things for myself!

The main event that has come back to haunt me is not following through on the great advice that Maitreya gave me . . .

I discovered Maitreya’s site in July 2007 and immediately felt as if I’d come home. It felt like I’d been on a journey in search of him all my life and now finally I’d reached my destination! It took me several months to pluck up the courage to have a reading with him, which I did in February 2008. I was shaking when I dialed the number (we didn’t have Skype in 2008 ha-ha – seems funny now), I suppose it’s only natural when you first make contact with a non-physical being from the other side through a medium (of course it’s as normal as brushing my teeth nowadays), but there was nothing to be afraid of and Margaret and Maitreya quickly put me at ease. Over the course of the next hour everything they told me about myself and my life resonated with me. They ended the reading by giving me some very practical steps to take in-order to move forward and improve my life and immediately afterwards I threw myself into finding out about what they had suggested with enthusiastic determination.

However, over the course of the next 6 months, I allowed my fears and my ego to prevent me from following through on the two main 24-carat gold opportunities that were presented to me in the weeks following my reading. If I had known then of the drastic impact not following through on the opportunities would have on my life I would have chosen differently, but I just didn’t think it was such a big deal at the time. I’m not going to go into the specifics of the opportunities because they relate to my journey and you reader are on your own unique journey, but I share my story with you as a cautionary tale, in order that I may at least attempt to open your mind to the possibility that right at this moment you may be missing not necessarily the Aladdin’s lamp of your life, but (and this is the crucial part) – the bread crumbs that are leading a trail to your Aladdin’s Lamp! (Apologies for mixing the Fairy Tales there) This Mercury Retrograde has allowed me to see so clearly (and painfully) how if I had understood the importance of taking and following through on the opportunities that arose following my reading that a whole series of other opportunities, a few of which I was able to get involved in, would have worked out 100% better than they did and how I would have spared myself and others much angst and heart-ache. I can even see how if I had booked a reading immediately upon discovering Maitreya’s site in July, instead of waiting (through fear) until the following February, then in all likelihood I could have avoided the situation which led me to run away from one of the golden opportunities that was presented to me.

However, even after I missed the first opportunities, I was given further opportunities from Spirit that again, had I followed through with, there is a good chance that I would not have found myself in the position that I subsequently found myself in. My mind and my ego discounted them and I went my own way. When I look back now, it’s so obvious. If I had followed it all through everything would have worked out absolutely beautifully.

I remember Margaret mentioning the film Sliding Doors as a great example of what can happen when you chose to take one door instead of another and the ensuing consequences. Of course all these different routes and eventualities are written into our detailed Life Plan (which we chose before birth), but you might as well take the easy, smooth path than the worst-case scenario path, although both options are accounted for. Having said that, as souls having an experience, then experience is experience whether we perceive it as negative, or not. We are still able to draw on it either way in the future. Although very unpleasant at times, I believe that my experience has enabled me to be more empathetic towards people who are experiencing the challenges that I have now been through myself, which I would not have been able to understand to the extent that I do now, so nothing is wasted, but if I had my time over I can tell you that I would chose the easy road over the hard road any day of the week.