The Hardest Battle of the Spiritual Development

by Jean Luo

The hardest battle on our life journey on the Earth Plane is not the fight against anyone and anything externally in our outer world, rather it is to fight against our own Self internally. The outer world is not the creation but the manifestation of our inner world.

The most important and valuable lesson I have learnt from my own spiritual journey is to recognize my Self and its doing. As a human soul in the earthly school of life, each of us has two parts that exist from the moment we were born until the moment we return home to the world of Spirit.

The Self part of us is the survival part of us. It is pure emotional energy – fear, anger, insecurity, guilt, shame, doubt, jealousy, judgment, critical, pride, arrogant, greedy, stubborn and more; It plays mind games for power, control, manipulation, and dominance, and creates incidents in our thinking and thought process through analyzing, reasoning and rationalizing people and things; It is egotistic, self – centered, strong willed, competitive, offensive, defensive, vindictive, and destructive. It plays the victim of someone or something in its life; It likes to get involved in other people’s lives and business, instead of focusing on living its own life; It lives in the past, holds onto things that happened in the past, and people who are no longer in our life; It fears and worries about the future that exists only in our imaginative mind that may never happen in our life; It likes to make assumptions and takes everything personally.

The Higher Self part of us is the Divine spark of the source. It is the core and essence of our soul. It resides in our heart, communicates with us through our intuition and feelings. It is gentle, kind, forgiving, compassionate, unconditional love, and total acceptance; It has no fear and no worry about the future; It leaves the past in the past, and lives in the Now moment; It understands the purpose of our existence, and our life journey on the Earth Plane; It accepts and understands there are no accidents and everything happens in our life is for a reason, has a higher purpose and fits into a bigger picture; It trusts the process of life with no concerns about whether it is perceived a “good” or a “bad”, but takes it as a learning experience, and a growth opportunity; It does not take anything personally and accepts all situations and circumstances as mirrors and teachers; It does not moan or groan, asking why me and complaining poor me, instead, it asks what do I need to learn from it and how can I learn from it; It is impeccable with its words; it does not make any assumptions about anyone or anything; It does not take anyone or anything personally; It always does its best regardless of the outcome; It is responsible, accountable, and reliable; It focuses on its own life, and life lessons; etc.

Being aware of our Self and what its doing, and then fighting our Self are essential, fundamental and critical on our journey of raising our vibration and consciousness. As long as our Self is in control, we cannot truly move forward to higher consciousness. In other words, learning life lessons, repaying karma, and releasing past life energy will be much easier and quicker without our Self’s control and sabotage. However, the battle between the Self and the Higher Self is going on all the time. And the only way to be free of the Self’s control is to face our fears and insecurities, and to detach from all negative emotions.

The only darkness we fight is our own darkness, individually and collectively. The only battle we have is the battle with our SELF personally and collectively. If there is an enemy, the only one is our Self. Unfortunately, as a human being and a member of humanity on the Earth Plane, we all are so used to blaming others, and we fight endlessly for our own beliefs, righteousness, and justice without knowing that the fights and the battles are endless because there is no real victory or winner until we are ready to find the reason and the root cause of why. We cannot find the answers through blaming others. We cannot solve our own issues and problems from fighting against each other.

The root cause lies within each of us. Whatever the external world we live in is an exact reflection of what resides deep within. The people, environment, situations, and incidents are all the catalysts and triggers to bring out the energy of the root-cause from deep inside us. Only when we start looking at it from within, can we stop blaming others and fighting with others. Until we get to that deep part of ourselves, we can’t truly change and shift our own external reality.

Often the root cause is so deep and hidden, it requires our constant determination, dedication, discipline, perseverance, and patience. However, it is worth our every effort of trying, slowly but surely. To the end, all the blaming, anger, resentment, frustration is gone, only deep gratitude, appreciation and love to others stay with us. This is a process of transformation from the Self to the Higher Self.