The Healing Power of The Mother Nature
by Jean Luo

It never ceases to amaze me the most beautiful and magnificent healing power that Mother Nature possesses! Regardless of who we are, what we are, our beliefs, cultures, races, political agendas, social status, color of skin, gender preference, etc. Mother nature always unconditionally and freely opens her heart to embrace every living being on the Earth Plane. She silently and gently helps each of us to de-stress, heal, relax, rejuvenate, restore balance, and live in the now.

As Spring is here, Alan, Korinne, Ratna and I are immersing ourselves in nature every weekend. We are lucky to live in Washington state as it provides so many places where we can easily visit the ocean, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, and forests, etc. We always feel refreshed, recharged, revitalized, and rejuvenated after hiking in the mountains and forests, or walking along the beach and picking up the gemstones and rocks, or listening to the birds singing, smelling the fresh air, enjoying the majestic scenery and views, or just hugging a tree.

A lot of places we go can be quite crowded at times, but people always seem to be friendly and treat each other with respect and kindness. Everyone is doing their own thing, and I have not seen one fight or argument; just smiling, a peaceful greeting or helping each other navigate their unique outing. I am so amazed and excited by this observation. To tell you the truth, I am so happy and in constant WOW. I truly hope that we can be in such a state of being wherever we are, whatever we do all the time!

No matter who is in nature, Mother Nature will simply and widely open her beautiful heart and allow everyone to enjoy her wonderous magnificence. Everyone will be immersed in her pure magic, beauty, and healing energy. Everyone who is with her, without exception can experience change, healing, and transformation. Mother Nature in her unique way is showing us that we can live together with each other in peace and harmony. Our different beliefs, opinions, political point of views, likes and dislikes are all manmade and not important at all in the eternity of the soul. Just as Mother Nature treats everyone with unconditional acceptance, unconditional nonjudgment, and unconditional love, we all can seek common ground while having our differences and uniqueness, and we all can treat each other with respect. The respect and peacefulness everyone is showing to each other is the evidence of healing. Yes, nature is our best teacher for the most difficult lessons we need to learn. If we can go into nature often and deeply connect with nature, we will learn this lesson much easier and faster. To that end, once we have changed our attitude and perspectives, once we have let go of our own ego and righteousness, and once we have allowed our heart to widely open, the lesson will not be so hard and so difficult. This gives us hope.

My heart is filled with deep gratitude to Mother nature. Thank you for showing me such a beautiful way to learn the lessons of unconditional love, non-judgement, acceptance, and to live in peace and harmony. It gives us hope and shows us how we human beings, can build a beautiful, peaceful, harmonious, and lovely heaven on Earth. I would like to encourage everyone, no matter how busy you are, to try and go into nature whenever you can. If you do, your life will become much lighter and happier.