The year has just flown by, our surroundings have drastically changed from India to California and we are now settled into our new habitat as the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is descending upon us. In a way it is like being put back into the comfort zone of familiar surroundings and traditions while at the same time having trouble in reconnecting to the illusion of it all.

I’m a sucker for the holiday season, watching the Christmas movies entrenched in the emotions of family, redemption and reconciliation. I guess it’s my Libra energy of pulling for the underdog, wanting peaceful outcomes and yearning for harmony. It’s actually a dichotomy for me, because while I enjoy the aforementioned attributes of the season, I also know that anything emotionally driven is a nicely laid trap of the Self.

Yikes, where did that come from you may ask. Welcome to the Earth plane and your adventure. During your holiday and festival seasons, embrace them, gives thanks to all you have and enjoy everything that is happening around you, but try and look below the surface at your emotions and what is real to you and what is just an act to pacify something or someone external to yourself like traditions, structures and family that may be limiting your journey of growth and expansion.

You are on a journey and there are a lot of individuals that have come to interact with you and assist you to grow while you assist them also. Some of them may bring you great joy, some of them may bring you great sorrow, and some of them have come to allow you to move on from them. This is the dance you have chosen with these players as you waltz through life. Your experiences with them could be short-lived, repeated many times or permanent depending on the lessons or the karma that is playing out and ultimately the choices you and they make.

During this holiday season as you are mesmerized in a holiday movie that is pulling at your heart-strings or sitting down enjoying a festive dinner with that in-law you have immense difficulty with, just remember there are no accidents. Try to reach deep and access that aspect of you that needs to learn something from the situation. Be determined to stop the Self from taking you on an emotional adventure that is nothing more than an expressive rollercoaster ride with no appreciable learning value.

Try and create the holiday season as a way to look at life every day. You don’t need a special occasion to feel joy or address your emotional state of being. Look at all being perfect in the Universe and strive to embrace, learn and grow from all that life presents to you. Try and drop the victim attitude and poor me syndrome and live in the now. I know I struggle with this, not because I don’t embrace the concept, but because the soul journey we’ve all chosen is to navigate this emotional jungle called the Earth plane. You are here to push the envelope of your comfort zone; this is where you break through the traditions and structures that limit your quest. It is a good time to realize that family relationships are made of souls on your path, not icons that we place on pedestals. Look to them with love, but evaluate your journey from your perspective, not theirs. Realize that in their hearts they do believe they know best for you, but your learning maybe hindered and or limited by their good intentions. Live your own life, not someone else’s no matter how close they are to you; remember, life on the Earth plane is just an illusion alive with emotion.

Paraphrasing a quote from Maitreya, “Try and focus on releasing your anger and frustration relating to those you perceive as hurting you and replace it with thanks and love for the opportunities they have given you to grow and learn.”

Take this time of year to really reflect on the “Real You” while all the emotionally driven activities are in full bloom. Have a great Holiday season; a New Year is literally just around the corner.