The Illusion of Separation
by Laura Elliott

Hi Everyone! March is here and spring is just around the corner. We’ve made it through another winter and just as the flowers will be bursting forth through the thawing ground soon, so too will we all be breaking through the freeze that has been the Covid19 experience. We are all coming through the other side changed and although the ‘norm’ will never be the same again that really isn’t such a terrible thing when you realize we are all moving forward on the path we chose before we incarnated here on Earth. Yes, even those that are now passed into their true and original form and essence are having the experience they desired when planning their trip here.

This month I was given the idea by the Angels to put an excerpt of the first book they channeled with me in the newsletter. It was published in November 2020 and it was a culmination of many years knowing I’d be writing a book but not what it was about. Many times, in readings I had with other intuitive readers, I was told by them as well that I would be writing books. It was a joy to finish this one because it really felt like I was finally taking part in fulfilling my reason for being incarnated here at this time. This month I’m sharing the first chapter from With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience entitled The Illusion of Separation. I hope you enjoy it and find the message to be helpful in your current journey.

~ Laura

When you are born, you forget.  Everything.  You forget who you truly are, you forget why you were born, you forget why you decided to be born on Earth.  You forget that it was your choice where, when and to be born at all.  You are born in total ignorance of the Universe and all whom inhabit it.  You do this so that you can fully participate in a true physical 3-D experience and find your way back to the truth.  As in the Wizard of Oz, it takes away the magic of the experience when you know who is behind the curtain.  If you were born remembering your True Selves it would alter the physical experience.  This is not how it was originally; things have gone awry and you have moved further and further from your True Selves.  There was a time when you maintained the knowledge of your Spiritual Selves while you were in the physical.  That time was long ago, and you have been caught in a downward spiral until you now believe that you are the physical skins you wear and question if there is anything else.  Some of you are sure that when you die you will just simply blink out of existence.  You have strayed so far from your true selves that you genuinely believe you are simply the skin, bones, and mechanics of the physical body you inhabit.  And to further separate yourselves, you have fallen into the belief that you are the only occupants of the entire galaxy, the entire Universe, and have even separated yourselves from yourselves.  You may perceive separateness as your reality, but that does not change the metaphysical mechanics of all that the Creator has brought to life.  While in the physical, it is most difficult to comprehend the vastness of spiritual energy, to understand that all is connected.  It is difficult to see past the illusion that all is separate and each being is unto itself.

We offer this analogy in hopes that it helps you to understand, at least in some small way, how the connection remains even though you do not see it.  We call this the ‘Water Cooler’ analogy.  If you were to fill a pitcher of water from a water cooler (the water cooler being the Creator of All and you the pitcher) and then fill an infinite number of pitchers (the pitchers being other Beings and Entities on the Earth as well as throughout all the Universes) , those pitchers would be the Higher-Selves of all things created by the Creator. Then take one pitcher (that pitcher being your True Higher-Self) and pour out a small portion into a glass.  That in the glass would be the portion of you that is having a physical 3rd Density experience on the Earth plane at this time. If you then take your True Higher-Self pitcher and pour water into an infinite number of other glasses, that is your True Higher-Self expressing and experiencing itself in an infinite number of ways in an infinite number of places. But it is still you, because all the glasses are filled from the same pitcher, and the pitcher is filled from the water cooler.  Multiply that one pitcher that is your True Higher-Self by an infinite number, too vast to express or comprehend in your current physical form, and you have an understanding of the Creator of All expressing itself in the vastness of the infinite ways it has to express and experience Itself.  In this way you can see the connection of all and everything through its connection back to the water cooler.  Just because they are in different ‘containers’ at any given moment, they are still from the same source, and thus the same and connected.  Even though you are connected to all and everything, you will only perceive and experience separateness if you believe that to be your truth.  The only way to create the change you seek is first through Awareness.  You must first know you have a choice to believe something different. You cannot ‘see it to believe it’, you must first believe it, and only then does it come into creation.  This has been shown to be true through your study of what you call Quantum Physics.  You must first believe it for it to be real, not the other way around.  If you wait to see it before you believe it, then you will never see it.

To expand upon this analogy, now envision a Grid of Light that runs between and through the water cooler, all the pitchers and all the glasses that have been filled, in every dimension and reality that exists.  Space and time are a human perception, so we ask now that you realize this and understand that the water cooler, pitchers, and glasses are all existing at once and in overlapping realities and are connected by this Grid of Light.  You are connected to All and Everything at All Times, Planes and Existences.  You are never alone and have only to realize the truth of this to experience it.

This Grid of Light is an energy field that exists everywhere and all at once in all dimensions, realities, and planes of existence.  It links all things and has communication as well as traveling functionality.  This is not communication or traveling in the physical sense, but rather by your non-physical capabilities.  This is an ability soon to be developed.  There are many steps yet to achieve this capability on a large planetary scale.  First, you will need to understand that it is there, that it is one of your natural abilities.  This seems like a very futuristic or otherworldly ability, but we assure you, you come by it honestly yourselves.  YOU are otherworldly since most of you have come to the Earth to help her and all her inhabitants free themselves from the bondage of physicality.  The Earth, or Gaia, has given much to this endeavor and must now continue her path of transformation and spiritual growth.  The time has come for all inhabitants of Gaia to remember their True Selves and to develop back to the Spiritual Beings that they truly are.  Since you are all connected to All and Everything, what you each do or don’t do affects every other living being in the Universe, including your generous and precious Gaia.  Your choices not only affect yourself, but every living being in every dimension, galaxy, and plane of existence.  We have all watched as you have used your promised free will to take your experiments to the extreme, and now, at the eve of one State of Being and the beginning of another, it is time to wake up and accept the responsibility of ‘Becoming’.  That word entails so much that we choose to highlight it in parenthesis.  It is more than just waking to your True Self, your true essence. It is about accepting the responsibility for all you have created that hurts others, it is about seeking to embody the concept of service to others, and it is about releasing the bondage of the concepts of the 3rd dimensional reality that you have embraced for so long.  This existence you currently inhabit was not your original conception but a path you have strayed down due to the honoring of Free Will.  The caveat to Free Will has been reached and you will no longer be allowed to harm yourself and others.  You will not be allowed to dismember yourself from the Creator (All That Is) any longer.  You will no longer be allowed to harm each other and the beautiful Gaia.  Many have come to save you and the beautiful Gaia from the ultimate destruction.  That is not to say that you are not participants in your own saving. If you choose not to make the necessary changes, you will no longer vibrate in accordance with the vibratory level that the beautiful Gaia is transitioning to.  The time to move forward is now; time is running out.  Choose to ascend with the beautiful Gaia or it will be necessary for you to be transitioned to another voluntary planet, such as Gaia has been, who is going through its own growth and transition, where you will be able to continue your exploration of the truth until you are ready to take the leap back to unity with your True Self and All That Is.  This is not an ultimatum, but truth and knowledge of what is to come.  We wish for all to progress forward in their growth and transition back to their True Selves, but we realize not all may be ready to accept the vastness of their True Being and will need to continue their lessons.  We only wish to assist in whatever way your Higher Selves deem appropriate for your Highest Good currently.  This is the path we’ve chosen to walk – to be of assistance to our brothers and sisters having the Earth experience.  It has not been an easy one and we have always been here waiting for any opportunity to jump in and offer guidance and our love.  Always our love.  We are blessed in this way; there have been many that have wanted to help their brothers and sisters through this experience.  It is an honor that we were chosen to do so.

~ Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant offering private and group consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, inner guidance, and personal spiritual growth. You can contact Laura at her website, on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and Twitter @MessagingAngels. With Love, From Your Angels is now available in print and eBook directly from the publisher at