The Illusion of Victimhood
by Laura Elliot

Happy August everyone! We’re racing through Summer and before you know it, it will be Fall already! I know, I know, I hear many of you saying, “don’t rush it!” LOL. I don’t mind the sun if it’s a nice, cool, 70 degrees, but Fall is one of my favorite seasons.

This month the Angels are addressing the topic of those lost in the illusion of victimhood, based on an experience I had at the last Psychic Fair I did. I was feeling so sad that I was unable to reach this person because she was so lost in her stories, and I literally felt a wall up that I was unable to penetrate to assist her. She was so focused on her stories of victimhood and the answers she wanted to hear that she was completely inaccessible and closed off to anything her Higher Self and the Angels wanted to tell her to help her. As the Angels say, we can only hold a space of Light and Love until the time that a person is ready to release their old stories and be willing to learn how to write new, happy stories for ourselves. I hope the Angel’s guidance is as helpful for you as it was for me. ~ Laura

What are you holding onto that no longer serves you? How many of you know that you are supposed to be doing something else than what you are doing but are letting fear stop your forward momentum? These are important questions to be asking yourself at this time. Fear is pervasive in your human society. It is used as a tool to control you and keep you from realizing your full potential. Even though it was an agreed upon experience, it was agreed upon because you wanted the challenge of remembering yourself out of this predicament. Now is the time to face your fears so that you may overcome them. You are surrounded with loving protectors to help you through this phase, as always.

In order for you to progress past your perceived limitations, you must first turn to face your fears. Only by doing so will you realize that they are only an illusion and will disappear as soon as you turn and see past them. They only haunt you because you perceive them as real when they are not. The only way to realize that they are an illusion is by looking at them. Most of the time, fear is about a story that you have created in your mind with no real basis in fact, but only an illusion created from the stories that you tell yourself. Other times your fears come from previous experiences that you have held on to but did not heal. You hold onto these previous experiences out of ignorance for the necessity of letting them go. These stories begin to define your life and who you are, and you have a subconscious fear of letting those stories go because you do not know who you are without them, and you are too afraid to let them go to find out who you are without them. Only you can do this work of letting your fears go, only you can change your stories into something positive. As long as you are locked into the stories of these things that you perceive as having happened to you, you are unable to create new stories about who you are in each moment of now.

People who are trapped in the stories of who they have been are unable to hear, or listen to, the lessons about what they are doing and how they can change it. They will be locked in this cycle until something drastic comes along to knock them out of the victim mode that they have succumbed to. Or they will transition with it and come back in another lifetime to learn this lesson that they have given themselves. You may want to help them, but they are unable to hear you in their current state of obliviousness in their illusion of victimhood and the way that they define themselves by that victimhood. They usually are not looking to change their lives by recognizing the role they are playing in their illusion; they are only seeking help to solve their symptoms of unhappiness or anger rather than solving the root issue of victimhood. They are not willing to look at the root cause of their victimhood mentality and the stories they have created for themselves of how ‘others’ are always ‘doing things to them’ or causing ‘bad’ things to happen in their lives. They are not willing to listen to an explanation of how anger plays a role in their victimhood and how beneficial it would be for them to learn and live Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Non-Judgment, because that would mean they would have to release their stories of how ‘bad’ things always happen to them and of the martyr role they play in their lives. They do not know how to define themselves without their ‘stories’ and do not wish to learn any differently. These ones are very deep in the 3rd Density experience and a part of the ‘native’ humanity on Earth.

Do not mistake us, we are not judging those of Humanity in this position, but these are the ones that we, as well as many of you, are here to assist with their development. We simply wish you to understand where these people are coming from. Everyone, to one extent or another, are experiencing, and are lost in, the illusion that is the 3rd Density experience on planet Earth. Every so often you run across a person that is defined by their stories of how bad things always happen to them and you find yourself asking yourself why they choose to do that, or why are they unable to move past that experience to create a new story for themselves. To one degree or another, you are all aware of the need to do this, but even all of you reading this have been conditioned to hold on to the bad things that happen to you and to define yourself by those events. Maybe not to the degree that these ones we are discussing do, but every one of you has been conditioned to do this. So, we ask that you have compassion for these ones that are so lost in the illusion of defining themselves by their ‘sad’ stories of what has happened to them, and to hold a space of the Creator’s light for them so that one day they will finally ‘see the Light’ and be able to move past those defining stories and be able to create new stories of Light and Love for themselves. Even if it is not in this lifetime, there will be a day when the Light will shine through the Darkness that they are experiencing, and they will Awaken to a New Day and have new stories to tell themselves about how beautiful life and the experiences they are having are. Until that day, please continue to be the Creator’s Light in their presence and hold a space of compassion and understanding for them.

We thank you for engaging with us again this month and look forward to communicating with you again next month.

With Love,

Your Angels

Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant and published author. She offers private consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, strengthen their own inner guidance, and reach personal spiritual growth. She currently offers a 3 Week Metaphysical Course for one-on-one coaching with her and the Angels. You can find more information on beginning this course at Laura’s website You can also find Laura on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), Twitter (@MessagingAngels), and TikTok (laura_angelwhisperer). Her book With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience (Balboa Press) is now available in print and eBook directly from the publisher at or from