It’s interesting how working on projects can take you to unexpected places in your thinking, sometimes. This was the case for me when I made “The Colors of Sound” Music CD. My goal was to connect notes, and other aspects of sound, with color: to be used in healing and spiritual growth, and to compliment Jean Luo’s book “Color Cards & Self Healing.” As I worked on my album, it really drove home how important intention is in creating or using healing modalities, or for that matter, any and every thing we do! That one word, intention, is what brought the whole project together and made it possible for me to make sense out of what I was working with.

Anyone attempting to work with concepts such as I did, with Colors of Sound, will often run into a dilemma when making the choices for their creation. In my case the choices had to do with what tuning system I should use, or how to connect sound and color, what instruments to use, etc. Sometimes (as it did for me) this questioning takes you to a place that may not be as widely accepted by people as some other choices. So what do you do, if confronted with this? I had to go with the answers I got, when looking for the answer to my questions, and what felt right to me. I had to trust my intuition, and creativity, and the answers I was guided to, for me to create a connection between color and sound, something that would be the most helpful for those who used it. When wrestling with this, I asked myself this question: Why is it that a spiritual priest, one who can’t sing in tune, can do great healing work in his/her Mass? Or why by sitting at the top of a lonely mountain, in the presence of a Spiritual Master who seemingly does nothing or says very little, some can receive great spiritual gifts, insights and healing? The only answer I found to this question was explained by their Intention.

But before I expand on this, let me just say that there are many differing systems and modalities and even differences within a given modality (in my case, for instance, I found that G corresponded to Red in terms of frequency; but many – in fact I think the majority – use C for Red). After bringing intention into my equation, I was able to be okay with this. And interestingly, I discovered that the overtones and undertones of a pitch accounted for every possible note anyone could want anyway. You see, in a way every tone is perfect, whole and complete in itself; so I came to understand that the named pitch of a note was really the most important factor. I also had to acknowledge that not everyone will agree with my interpretation, and that my work will not be right for everyone. This is always the case, for everyone and every modality in actuality.

After all, we are all different – and wouldn’t it be quite arrogant to think that any one way of doing something is the only way, and right for everyone? Whenever I start to think like this or think I have found “The Answer,” I remind myself of this quote:

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” – Albert Einstein

So how can you decide what is right for you and what to use for yourself? Here is what I and many others have realized in wrestling with this: the most important thing in working with Sound, or any modality for that matter, is not the purity (if there is such a thing) of the modality, but rather the intention of those who are creating or using it. Johnathan Goldman, who first introduced me to this concept, states it this way: Frequency + Intention = Healing (I highly recommend the book Chakra Frequencies by Goldman and his wife to gain more understanding on this subject). This formula explains why the master, at the top of a mountain, may seemingly not need anything to do his work – because his Intention is pure and he/she has removed all their blocks. So for them, tools are not important. Most of us have many blocks, which get in the way of our intentions getting out to the universe to be manifested. That is why modalities, like sound and color, can be very useful tools. The way I explain it is, a frequency acts like a container for intention, allowing it to get thru our blocks to where it needs to go. I also think sound is such a powerful modality, because it is so easy to experience it as vibration – which is what makes us, and all our reality. But then I would think that, wouldn’t I?

It is also, I think, good to point out that although any modality, like music/sound for meditation or healing, might work great for some people, it may not be the best choice for others. Something else may work better for them. This is were Jean Luo’s Book Color Cards & Self Healing is very helpful, because it gives one many other choices of modalities to try! You need to rely on your own experience and intuition here. By this I mean you should go with what you are drawn to, and as my Yoga teacher likes to say, notice how it makes YOU feel.

It is often said that all healing is self-healing, and I strongly believe this. All any modality can do is assist you to tap into and bring out your own awesome healing or other powers. EVERY ONE of us is an incredible being of unlimited potential and power! I have done my work as one way to help you find this power in yourself. I like to say, You hold the keys that will unlock everything you want and need in life – sometimes you just have to remember where you put them.