It does not seem a minute since it was the year 2000 and everyone was forecasting the end of strife and wars etc., it was supposed to be the beginning of a peaceful time. Fourteen years later, nothing has changed except more people have become interested in the metaphysical world (spirit world) and more people are interested in what it is like to die and who their spiritual guides are. On the other hand there are those who don’t want to find out about their journey on this planet, their soul path, and what they are here to do with their lives. They want to be metaphysical, but seem reluctant to change anything in their lives to move forward on their spiritual/metaphysical journey.

The spirit world has sent many teachers around the world to help people “find” themselves, and some people are doing that, but not enough as far as I am concerned. Now, bear in mind, this is MY newsletter, not my teacher Maitreya’s or anyone in the spirit world, I am writing it personally, and I do not feel enough people are taking the initiative to search and learn about themselves. Why do I write this? I do so because unless we can understand ourselves and work at the issues we have come to deal with, we cannot move forward on our life path. As I write this newsletter, there is one week to go until it is 2015! Another year gone and still there are immense problems on the earth plane. How can we change the world from war, strife, unhappiness, fear and heal the world if we cannot change ourselves.

Our life on the earth plane is just like a school journey; we begin in kindergarten and graduate from College or University; along the way we learn lessons, about people, and life experiences. Each time we learn what we need to learn according to our life plan, we pass a test and move to the next level, hoping that eventually, we reach a point where we have completed our life plan. What is the life plan? It is the plan of our life which we make at birth! It is called astrology and it not only gives you a life plan and future predictions you can make if you choose, but it also gives you the answers to where you came from in previous lives and can give you valuable advice about who you really are.

I remember when I discovered astrology and looked at my astrology; I could not believe what I was reading. It did not seem like me at all, but when I asked friends if they resonated with what was written, they all agreed they could. As I read about myself, I found I was not in fact who I thought I was, I was a stranger to myself! It took a lot of energy and fortitude to read about myself, and to visit an astrologer to find out what she had to say. It was worth every cent of the $200AUD I paid her to have someone give me the facts and not sugarcoat my lessons and challenges trying to please me.

I wanted to make a difference in the world at the time, but I could not do so if I was a hypocrite about my own life. It was a time of great destruction of my pride, but an exploration of who I really was and I really began to like that person very much. My belief about myself which I had; was replaced with a different picture, but one once the pride moved away, seemed more like me and gave me the truth instead of an illusion which I had been holding onto for a long time, it was a Self-illusion, not a Higher Self illusion. I then had to begin working on myself all over, and finding out whom I really was.

It was 1993 when I found out about astrology, and in those years since I have changed so much, even people who knew me then cannot believe the change. I have one friend who when I tell him about the old me, cannot believe it was me, but it was, and I was living a lie! There are so many people out there wanting change, but not wanting to change themselves; yet without changing ourselves, we cannot change the world. They seem to think it will be an instant change, what is to take place, and it is not, it is a slow pace, it can be many years of study before you even get below the surface to the next level, but I will tell you, it is worth it to open that door and go through. It is good to talk our truth, but even more incredible to walk our truth!

I meet people all the time who say I want a spiritual/metaphysical path to walk, and when I ask them if they have any retrogrades in their birth chart plan, do not know what I am talking about. (Retrogrades are with the planets and the houses in our chart and they inform us of where we did not deal with lessons in our past lives, therefore forcing us to come back and do it again.) Do you know where your MC is, your Ascendant, your nodes? Do you have any intercepted signs? All of these can help you on your life path, knowing about them can make it easy or hard; you make the choice.

Try if you can to visit or have a reading with an esoteric astrologer, one who can read your chart on a spiritual level, it will be the best money you can spend, and will give insight into your life path and purpose on the earth plane. It is no good saying you want to become metaphysical if you do not know who you are. Stop procrastinating; invest in yourself, find out who you really are, be honest with yourself, do not be afraid to see yourself, warts and all, by doing so, you will truly find out your true path on the earth plane, and then begin the task of putting your destiny into place.

There are those who state “but I have a Guru, my Guru tells me what to do” but it is not for you to become attached to a Guru, you are here to become your own Master! A Guru begins the teaching and then allows you to move on, not keep you tethered permanently! Begin to trust your own intuition, let go of the fear of doing it yourself, or searching on your own; as you do so, God will speak to you; your intuition will become more acute, slowly you will become so intuitive you will not need a Guru or teachers.

Recently in Australia, a man barricaded himself into a Café, he held people hostage, all in the name of his faith; two people including him were killed. A few days later a Muslim bride came to the site which was strewn with flowers from those who felt saddened by the deaths of the two people, two customers of the Café, and laid her wedding bouquet at the site, as a tribute and a show of compassion and love for the situation. Australia reacted with positive energy and it showed Australia, not all Muslims are negatively programmed; and they are not! This kind of thing (the killing and slaughter) will continue happening unless we can change things, and change ourselves. The Muslim Bride’s gesture albeit a small one, began the change from negative to positive.

Forgiveness, kindness, understanding, no fear etc., are all areas we can change not only in ourselves, but the world also. It starts with understanding who we are and what we are here for. We all in our past lives have been Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Mormon, and even non-believers in God, atheists; etc., we may be again, God does not hate us because we are not of a particular faith, God understands us better than we know ourselves, that is why it is important not to judge ourselves, but to find out where we need to work on ourselves, and where we have been lying to ourselves. I challenge you to do that, to look at yourself, REALLY look at yourself, and then accept the person you are destined to be. Stop running away from yourself!