So it is the beginning of a new year! Each year brings us lessons to learn on our journey in life. For Alan, Jean, Korinne and I, the last few years have been very trying indeed. Without warning the way our lives were being lived was taken away and replaced by very difficult times! Three of us were in a Saturn return, (a Saturn return is a severe learning time.) I was having Saturn enter the second house of my natal chart (finances, money). Saturn represents along with many other things, restriction, limitation, and teaching. For the four of us it was like being in a boat on a lake without a rudder. There was nothing to guide us; all of a sudden I had no insight into the future, my intuition was stifled and seemed dead. I was rudderless!

Little did I know I was being tested again, this time the hardest test I could experience, because as the difficult times unfolded and seemed to get worse, I was tested on my faith and on my belief system, and for a while almost failed the test. The others were also being tested in their own way, all of us tested on different subjects, but tested all the same. I could not believe I was being tested again, I had gone through 23 years of training with Maitreya and he had told me I was through the learning part with him, (he did not say that was just one part of the learning) I was now deemed worthy to do my work without his supervision, supervision which had been there for all of the 23 years.

Now came further learning, I was now being tested on my NOT being supervised, how would I deal with things? In the past at every challenge or difficult time I had gone to Maitreya and asked him how to deal with it and he had advised me on the SPIRITUAL way to deal with it, it was wonderful, but now the apprenticeship was over and I was on my own, they needed to see how I would deal with situations without his answers.

Maitreya told me he would still be there to do channeling through me and to teach, but that would be it, no more advice or guidance, I was now my own Master. I was like a fish out of water, a rudderless boat, and I began to sink. Thankfully, all fear had gone, and I began to put one foot in front of the other, slowly walking without aid and facing the challenges that were set for me.

I am still facing those challenges, in fact I do not think they will ever stop, it is part of the learning on the earth plane AND it is getting easier, however, one wonders what the next year will bring as 2015 was one very difficult year. Whatever my 2016 is like, I sincerely hope your 2016 is the best it can be. We are all on the earth plane and all of us are learning lessons, I hope your lessons will be easy ones, but if not remember you have chosen them, just as I did (Did I really lol?) and you will get through them, just as I have done and am still doing. Thank those around you for creating those lessons, forgive those who you think have it in for you, it is all past life or current life experiences, and you will be a better person for learning them.