The Light In The Dark

There will always be times when we fall short of love. If we however judge and beat ourselves up for having fallen short of love, we will continue to fall short of love. Only by accepting and forgiving ourselves for having fallen short of love can we rise back up and return to love.

Thus do we find the light in the dark — through harnessing the power of self-love.

Accepting and loving all that we are, including our dark side, is an unconditional love so powerful, liberating and illuminating that it would greatly open our heart and expand our consciousness, sometimes to the extent it might even precipitate the transcendental realization that all beings in the universe, including those which we typically judge and consider negative, are in fact just as beautiful, perfect and divine. The more we can accept our dark side and empathize with why we are being fearful and negative when we are being fearful and negative, the more we would be able to empathize with others too when they are being the same.

Thus do our light have the potential to shine even more brightly when we face and rise to the challenge of our dark side — through harnessing the power of self and universal love.

The spiritual dance back and forth repeatedly between dark and light, much like in weight training, is how we exercise our heart-opening muscles and practise the many myriad ways of returning to light, and much like in endurance training, is how we grow our resolve and strengthen our will to polarize ever more firmly toward the light, toward finer and higher vibrations, until such a point when we have gained enough spiritual thrust and momentum that we no longer have a need for the dark and negative as contrast and catalyst to help propel us forward on our journey back to the Creator.