The Love Cloud

I have written many times about love and how I have experienced it in my life. How another person with their presence assisted me to remember my own divine core.  Most of us know the feeling of being in love and finding how something marvelous occurs in our chest that makes us feel like we are floating on a pink cloud. How our memories of our true self, our higher part, will suddenly be vivid and apparent.

I have wondered about this marvelous feeling a bit, what triggers this pink cloud of emotions, where does this feeling come from? Does it come from the other party because he loves me so much, or does this feeling perhaps come from myself? As I pause and reflect, I found the source to be within me. I had to fully accept that the emotions could not come from anywhere else but my own heart, my own energy, because otherwise I might not experience it so strongly. There couldn´t be anything outside of me that would let me feel like this, this feeling originated from me, but I do realize another party can be the trigger to assisting me to unlock these emotions.

I thought, of course, that no one had thought of this like that before, so it was a significant surprise to me when I read a book a few days later that mirrored my discovery. The author had written the exact same thing, that the emotion we find when we are in love comes from ourselves, not others.

When I read this in the book, I thought, did I get the idea from the book before I read it because the book’s content talked to me, or was it because I had to get confirmation of this philosophy from reading the book. Well, it doesn’t matter, does it?

Somehow I feel it can be the inner child, or the god spark in us who wakes this feeling up inside, and that is the way the divine assists us to love ourselves in the same way we love others and thus remind us who we are as a pure love. In the light of that, are we then able to find the love inside us no matter if there is another person involve or not? I´m not sure yet.