Once again, I am on the move again in a few days time. I cannot count how many times this has happened, but it has been a lot of moves. If you had told me in 1988 when I did my first professional readings, I would travel the world and channel a Master, I would have told you, you were crazy. Even more so, that I would have had 3 husbands, and at age 68, divest myself of all my worldly goods and live happily without them.

The Self part of me saw myself living in a nice house for the rest of my life, in the southern hemisphere, doing a few readings and teaching, but of course that was the fairy tale, the reality has been to move over 50 times in my life and live in many different places around the world. I feel like putting on my final resting place “she has finally rested” LOL! It has been a real adventure though, as a child I wanted to be like Toad of Toad Hall, and travel around in a trailer (caravan) in a way I have done that, except the trailer has been a plane.

I had no idea when I offered to work with spirit, it would be so demanding of me, one cannot have any life of one’s own working for them, they call the shots, and if you wish to help them, there can be no freedom as most people know it; one follows instructions from them, it can at times be very limiting. Over the last few years many have questioned why spirit made me suffer so much with the things I have done, but I chose it, they did not make me suffer, I created it for my learning, and boy did I learn what they wanted me to do.

On September 17, 2015, that phase of my life ends, and I am finally able to move forward, for me it has been 7 years of difficulty as the planet Saturn was first of all in my 12th house in my own birth sign of Libra (subconscious energy) and enabled a whole lot of past life energy to be released, then it went into the first house again in Libra, which really tested my ego and Self, then went into Scorpio in the 2nd house where I have two powerful planets in Scorpio and affected my income and earnings. It was brutal!

There were times I was severely tested and asked myself “why am I doing this?” but each time I would get confirmation from my Higher Self as to why I WAS doing it, and the subject would be closed for a while. At times I felt a failure because I was not walking my talk; but I pressed on and told myself I was living my passion and how many people got to do that?

If you are considering a metaphysical path for your future, just know it is not all wine and roses, it is stark, trying, exhausting at times, and certainly not easy, but as one becomes more and more “enlightened”, life becomes easier and less stressful. The price you pay for this “enlightenment” can be the loss of family and friends, loneliness a lot of the time (people often think you are crazy.)

There is a common belief, once you become metaphysical; life becomes so easy in every way, it is completely the opposite. You are tested on every level; at times it can be so painful. It does get easier after many years, but by then you have changed so much you resemble nothing like the person you were and what you wanted in the past is no longer a need!

To live your passion though, to be able to help people and help change their lives is the most wonderful feeling one can have. Is it worth becoming metaphysical? Yes it certainly is, but be prepared to lose a lot of your freedom, to learn patience as your new life moves slower, but you will have a peace inside which cannot be explained to anyone, it just is!

I would not change it for the world, and hopefully have many more years of working my passion ahead of me, even though I am almost through the darkness as I call it of the last 7 years, I have learned so much I would never have done and it has enabled me to conquer my Self along the way.