The Movement to the New Earth 12.12. 2020

I am the angel of Harlem.

I come in peace.

I am here to nurture you.

This is the gap, gap between your old times and your prosperity.

This is the moment.

Keep your focus clear.

Don’t try to much.

Just be.

And it will all come to you at the right moment.

We are always guiding you the angels of Hercules community of Trinity.

We are both the masculine and feminine energy and in between them we are.

Our focus is exactly there between, where there is no duality, between alpha and omega.

Drink water and breathe, breathe, breathe.

You don’t need much more than that.

Because in a short time some of you will be shifted to the fifth dimension.

Your density will be much lower, and you don’t need that much of the earthly components to thrive anymore. Finally, you’ll become the light entity you have known in a long time that you´ll become.

Sun, moon, stars, and everything is in you.

You´re almost freestanding solar system, you don’t need the earth for yourself anymore, but the earth needs you still. And this is your life plan, exactly this. To prepare the shift from your birth, then experience the shift and work in the light in a powerful and tremendous way!

On the day 12.12.2020 the shift will happen, embrace it. This is the shift to the New earth.

Hrafnkatla Valgeirsdóttir, Iceland