The Name of The Earth Game

As we are out and about in the world interacting with others, we cannot avoid but encounter negative, discordant or jarring energies.

If we are overflowing with love and compassion, we would not be bothered by these energies as we would be in a radiating mode and not in a position to absorb them, even though we would still be able to perceive and notice them.

On the other hand, if we are deprived of love energy, we would be feeling needy and in a seeking mode, so we would be prone to absorb all kinds of energies we are exposed to, be they positive or negative.

Once negative energies have been absorbed, they can quickly surround our heart center, smothering and suffocating it, inhibiting our ability to feel love, peace and bliss. If we are not aware enough, we might not even know where the negativity came from. Thus, it is quite a common experience that we could be feeling wonderful and uplifted one moment and then suddenly for no apparent reason we could be feeling down and awful the next.

Being in an absorbing mode wouldn’t be an issue if positive energies are all that we encounter and absorb, but that is not the kind of world we live in. We could try to surround ourselves only with positive people and avoid the negative ones, but becoming too wary of the negative could itself become a source of stress and wear us out.

While it is always tempting to want to blame the negative for having appeared in our lives, the wiser option is to take responsibility for having even absorbed them. After all, everyone has the right to be themselves, even if it is their negative self. In fact, we should be grateful for having encountered them, for they are mirrors for our neediness and reminders that we have forgotten Who We Really Are. They are therefore opportunities and fodder for spiritual growth, which is one of the main reasons why we visit this earth school of polarity in the first place.

Love is seeing the divine in all things. Love is a feeling of oneness with all things. Love is realizing that we are all things. Such an open-hearted feeling of Universal Love is none other than Who We Really Are.

Once we are able to identify with the Universal Love That We Are and see the divine in all, we would be able to see through the illusion of the unreal and negativity would cease to be an issue for us. We would then be constantly replenished with love from within and not in a desperate need for external forms of love. As we are all One Being and now that we know how to heal ourselves quite expeditiously, we might not even mind absorbing some negativity from others as this is one of the ways through which we can help them with their clearing and healing, notwithstanding that a more masterful way is to do the clearing without the absorbing. Besides, every time we heal ourselves of any negativity we would also get a chance to practise and polish our healing skills, and the only way we can ever truly heal ourselves is to return to being the Love That We Really Are.

At the end of the day, the name of the earth game remains simply one of remembering Who We Really Are.