As I write this I am taken back to the past year in review. Humanity has been through so much in the last 12 months. Our nation has endured the most emotionally exhausting election I can remember. No matter what side you were on, there was so much emotionally charged energy in the air, one could not help but be effected by it.
There have been many horrible tragedies and losses, so much so that I had gotten to a point where I could not watch the news because being an empath, I felt the weight of the world’s emotions crush me at times.

Disasters, natural and man-made, pelted our world time and again. Why is it that we have had to endure so much tragedy and sorrow? Yes, it’s for our learning. Yes, it’s for our experiences. But if we did not have these experiences we would not realize just how fortunate we are and appreciate when times are good. In times where peace abounds we would not recognize it unless we knew what unrest was.

We need to learn to appreciate more, love more, respect more, assist others more and have more compassion for others. If all we let in is anger, bitterness or depression we will never be able to pull ourselves up to move on in life and turn the energy around. It would never get better.

I moved away from the city earlier this year. Our home is now pretty rural. One thing I have noticed is in small towns, more people smile at each other. They ask how your day is and not just ask, but they listen for your reply. Things slow down and you have more time to really notice what is going on around you. Think about what is actually important to you and your life. It’s surprising just what is revealed about oneself when you slow down and take the time to contemplate your life.

I’d like to challenge us all that with the turmoil going on around us everywhere, to try slowing down, take notice and find even just one thing that is positive in your life. Then think of another and another. Does it make you grateful? Does it make you smile? Does it touch your heart? Hold on to that feeling, plant it deep in your heart’s memory. Then in times where you feel the most frustrated, angry or hurt…dig into your heart’s memory bank. Find that good, positive feeling and pull it forward. Let that feeling permeate your entire being to clear out the energy that had you down in the dumps.

Then go one step further and let that energy expand around you. Share that positively charged energy with others. Focus on staying in that encouraging, positive vibration as long as you can.
Human beings feel they are flawed because they have emotions and get irritated when they let the painful ones invade and take over. We have all heard people say that smiles are contagious. I think there is truth in that. And even if you smile at someone and they don’t smile back, it’s still good. You are still in YOUR “happy place” and that’s what really matters. As human beings we feel and experience energy. As spirit beings we can share and connect to others on a level they may or may not be aware of.

With the new year just around the corner, I will say, “Have a Happy New Year” with positive energy behind it so that not only will there be meaning in my words, but feeling as well.