Have you ever wondered why the only constant in our lives is change? Why is this you might ask, the answer is fairly simple. The Earth Plane is governed by “Free Will” choice and so the Universe is constantly reacting to our choices as we navigate through life. You might question why the Universe would be paying attention or even care about what choices we make. One answer is that we are here to learn lessons and we learn these lessons through the situations we constantly find ourselves in. If we’re observant of our settings or circumstances we constantly find ourselves in, the lessons easily reveal themselves to us. If we keep making the same choice then the Universe will keep popping the same type situation up in front of us.

When we make the choice that leads us to the learning we have chosen to experience in this incarnation, “We Change”, sometimes slowly and sometimes on a very significant scale. Most of the time, the situation isn’t person specific, it’s just a lesson with whatever player the Universe has placed in front of us to get us to make a choice surrounding the lesson. Once the lesson is fully learned, it no longer presents an issue to us because we have changed. We have a new outlook or a situation that we use to give a lot of energy to no longer is relevant to us. Often it requires us to move out of our comfort zone and face a fear, but through the change, no matter how insignificant it is we achieve growth.

Maitreya spoke of how we are tested on our lessons. He stated we that we aren’t just tested once, but 3-times and then at a later period the situation or circumstance we have chosen for our learning will be brought up again for a final test. If we understand this is how it works, when the incidents of learning arise in our life we will be more prepared to face the issue head on rather than get upset of why we are back in this similar looking predicament.

It is better to be aware of how the game is played rather than be completely in the dark of how things work. In the end the Universe will force you to change because it is the energy that fuels your learning and that is why you are here in this incarnation. I use the word force more as a taunt to the self-aspect of each of us, because our change may be subtle, but we are being forced to change and learn the lesson or the lesson will carry forward to the next incarnation with us along with the incremental baggage from this incarnation. Why am I taunting our self-aspect, because it is the force of the Earth plane that keeps us from our learning? It is the job of the Universe through our learning to assist us to tame and overcome the attributes of pride, jealousy, self-worth and many more emotions that the self utilizes to thwart our learning. We learn, we change and we move forward in vibration; that is the game of life.

For me, I am just entering a re-testing period surrounding my relationship with a prospective business partner. So, it is with the knowledge I just discussed that I am attempting to thwart the self and my insecurities and face the issue that the Universe has placed in front of me yet again. It is like an old movie that I am watching again. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with Margaret one evening about 9-years ago and we were discussing a particular issue relating to my business partner at the time, and me being uncomfortable in confronting an issue with this individual. The Universe was placing the issue right in front of me trying to get me to tackle the issue and make the choice for change, but I wasn’t prepared to face the issue yet. My self had many excuses from the timing wasn’t right to maybe it wasn’t really an issue etc.

But Margaret kept pushing me for some reason and I finally lost my cool and pounded my fist on the table and said, “I could have stayed with my ex-wife and got this same lecture!” Well that’s all it took for Maitreya to instantly come in to speak to me. In a very gentle and calming voice, he said two things to me. He said, “first of all, it was me that was pushing you to get your self to react and second and most importantly, you don’t think that when you left your ex-wife that your lessons around communications that you ran away from stayed with her do you?” They are your lessons and the Universe will keep placing you in these situations to allow you to make choices until you change and learn to effectively communicate and stand up for yourself. Ironically, my ex-wife 8-years prior had pushed me on this very same issue with a prospective business partner. As Maitreya was counseling me I instantly remembered her saying to me, “how convenient for him to keep his current job and you carry the burden for the new business”, which is what I was now being challenged on again.

So it is no coincidence that it matches the current situation that is unfolding and I wish I could say that even with the knowledge of how it all works that this is an easy situation. I’ve been here before, but it is still not in my comfort zone. I don’t need anyone telling me the lesson because in my head I can hear a broken record of Margaret and my ex-wife urging me to step forward and face the issue by stepping out of my comfort zone and simply communicate my feelings and my position. I could waste a lot of energy blaming something or someone, but I won’t because I know this is my issue and I need all the energy I can muster to face the issue. What I will do is ask the Universe to create an ideal situation for this encounter to unfold and have the trust that the energy will be provided for me to speak my truth and hopefully pass the test. But, it is a free will choice and mine to make.

What’s amazing is that in the game of life, Maitreya has given us the cheat sheet on how it works and the Universe is going to keep placing us in these situations until we learn and ultimately CHANGE, because in the end, it is the only constant!

Embrace Your Change,