There is a saying, “there are two sides to every coin” and often we forget this little metaphor when we get caught up in our emotional world. It’s as if our emotions paralyze us from contemplating the other side of a story or that another person see’s or is experiencing a situation from a completely different perspective to us. I know I am guilty of this all the time and lately I have been trying to change my paradigm. I find it extremely difficult because emotions in our everyday world are so strong and they are being thrown at us 24/7; just look at your Facebook timeline for starters.

You know it’s bad when you’re experiencing issues with people you are not even close too or even worse, with those that you are close too. As I’ve stated in prior newsletters, emotions are our quicksand! We’re living in very tumultuous times and I don’t think it is going to change anytime soon, so I think survival and ultimately personal growth and happiness will only come from understanding and embracing that there is another side to every issue. The key to neutralizing our emotional environment is to grasp the aspect of why there are two sides to every coin.

When we react, we think we are reacting to the emotional stimulus of the moment, but in actuality we are reacting to something that is buried deep inside of us from a past life experience. That makes each of us unique from a perspective of what’s trapped within us. All it takes is an external provocation and boom, your emotional moment is here in all its’ glory. My dear friend Jean just wrote a blog about processing this energy constructively by yourself after the “boom” moment and then expressing it outwardly from a perspective of speaking your truth quietly and clearly with love.

It is so important not to repress this energy, it was no accident that someone or something created this emotional moment within you, but why this happened and what you do with it is the million-dollar question. First of all, the energy needed to come out, so as hard as it may be, thank the person in thought or in person for allowing you to bring this junk that was trapped within you to the surface and second, don’t exacerbate the situation by creating additional emotional baggage by reacting to the stimulus. The energy within needed to come out and the Universe provided a provocation! It should all stop there, but it usually doesn’t and that is the lesson of life we are all trying to conquer. I remember Maitreya saying many times in his discourses, “you are here to learn to control the emotional body”.

As I know to well, it is easier said than done and that is why I am trying to embrace the concept that there are two sides to every coin. Just like you have trapped energy created by your unique experiences, so does the person who is stimulating you at the moment. We must try and remember that their experience or perspective could be one-hundred and eighty degrees different that ours. So their emotional reaction or perspective will quite definitely be at odds with ours, but does that make them wrong, or are they just playing a part in our play and assisting us to release our trapped past-life energy? Your lower-self aspect, commonly known as your ego, would rather thrive in its’ emotional playground, determined in trying to prove you are right and they are wrong, so it can prolong the cycle of emotional turmoil rather than find that elusive place of peace and understanding. Remember, when we are focusing on someone or something else, we are distracted from looking at ourselves and that is where all the answers and learning reside!

I am going to challenge myself to see that there are two sides to every situation and try to use the energy I would normally be using to react, to look within and make an effort to understand and grow from the true source of my reaction. At the end of the day, both sides of the coin come from the same source.

Have a great month – Alan

P.S. – And here’s how the Universe works. After finishing this, I decide to take a hot sauna bath. I put the music on from my phone and prepare to get into the water and I get a text message on my phone. It is a message from my daughter, whom I have been estranged from for about 5 years, she wants to know how I am doing and if I would like to get together in a couple days as she is passing through Seattle on her way back to Australia. Our relationship has been one of “Stimuli” and there has been a lot of pain, hurt and guilt released. You might say that emotions have ruled the day. So, it is a chance for me to embrace the other side of the coin and value our relationship for what it is, a chance to work through energy and appreciate each other for who we are.