The Power and Consequences of Past Life Energy!

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue or respect for the power of past life energy. They don’t understand the basic concept of the purpose of our incarnation is to bring the past life energy to the surface to be dealt with and released. There is no comprehension that the craziness of the world today is driven by all this energy being triggered to the surface to allow it to be released and learnt from if possible. As Margaret and Maitreya often said “Better Out, Than In”.

Unfortunately, if you have no knowledge or understanding of the energy or how powerful it is, then the release may have serious consequences. Even with knowledge, it can be difficult to manage, but without any understanding or comprehension, you’re unfortunately playing with something that has power and ultimately consequences when it is unleashed. It’s like a child playing with fire, and then the house burns down. It is easy to look around and see the results of the energy coming to the surface and playing out before our very eyes at this moment of time.

I discussed in a prior newsletter where out of the blue, I received a request from our website for a reading. The reading went well, but right after I hung up the Skype call, I started getting severe stomach pains relating to a hiatal hernia that had troubled me with acid reflux my whole adult life. My normal routine was to use antacid tablets, in fact I always carried 6-8 tablets in my pocket at all times. But this pain was different, it wasn’t acid reflux, it was tightness, a severe cramp at the esophagus that was excoriatingly painful. That night in bed, as I laid in the fetal position enduring the pain, I meditated on it and saw that I had taken a sword to my chest in a prior life resulting in a painful death. I focused my energy on trying to release it and sending positive healing energy to the area that was cramping. I finally fell asleep and by morning the pain/energy was gone. More importantly, as the week, then month and years progressed, I not only didn’t have any recurrence of the pain, but ironically, I was no longer experiencing any acid reflux. Here I was, 60 years of age and had been using Tums for the past 4 decades to control my acid reflux, and Shazam, it was gone in an instant. I need to give a shout out to the beautiful young lady that triggered me that day, thank you Ivana!

I relay this experience because the energy is real. I have seen people in our seminars lose complete emotional control as a Past Life Energy is triggered and comes roaring to the surface. I experienced a gentleman in the Netherlands that lifted the whole conference room table off the ground as the energy between him and the guy sitting next him came to the surface. And they were friends by the way! LOL

Often people go to the doctor trying to find a cure for an acute pain they are experiencing, but no medical reason for their ailment can be found. They don’t understand that the root cause of the pain is in the etheric body, not in the physical. If they or the doctor have no knowledge or understanding of trapped energy from a past life that has been triggered and coming to the surface, then they are left to their own devices to try and cope with the pain. This is where a lot of addictions and mental illnesses arise. We hope with the right mindset and energy healing techniques that the energy subsides like mine in a day. Often is takes a lot longer, my wife Jean has struggled with abdominal pain for years and she fortunately has the knowledge, understanding, and perseverance to constantly do all different types of energy therapy to release the energy and understand the process. I will add, Jean has visited several doctors, but no one has been able identify what is causing the pain from a physical perspective. But the pain is real, just ask her.

Unfortunately for some, without Metaphysical knowledge of Past Life Energy, they live in the constant unknown with the pain and may reach a point where the pain can be too much. I just learned of a cousin of mine that had recently experienced severe abdominal pain. He visited the doctors, and they couldn’t find anything. The pain was real, and he had lost a lot of weight because he couldn’t eat. The pain became so unbearable that he chose to commit suicide. I was so sad and shocked when I received the news. He was only in his mid-forties.

For me, I could easily see a past life where he was stabbed in the stomach and died a slow and painful death. The energy from the past life experience was trapped, and he came into this incarnation to release it to allow him to move forward on his soul evolution. Astrologically, he was in his Saturn Square, so the circumstance or situation was set up at this time to trigger the energy. Unfortunately, without the knowledge or guidance that the root cause of the pain was Past Life related, he was not able to get through the pain. The What Ifs are going around in my head. Some people may say this stuff is woo-woo stuff, but I would say, what did he have to lose?

I had reconnected with him a couple years ago after not seeing him for probably 30+ years. He had the most beautiful smile, gentle and caring energy, and you could tell he was a joy to be around, and definitely a gift to all those close to him. I send out healing energy to his loved ones in this time of grief. I know the news really affected me and I wasn’t even close to him.

I encourage people to always go to the doctor, you have final say on anything they propose, but understand, everything starts in the etheric body from trapped past life energy. If it has not materialized in the physical, then the doctors will not see anything even though you are experiencing the energy in the form of pain. In my Saturn Square, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer and had to have surgery and some radiation. I didn’t have the Metaphysical knowledge I gained from Margaret and Maitreya at that time, but what I did have was a positive mental attitude and the whole ordeal was just a little speed bump for me. Use everything available to you, Traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine; education is the key! Try and remember that everything starts from trapped energy making its way to the physical.

Jean is always available for Astrology and Past Life work to assist you to navigate the Energy that is Unique to YOU!

Have a great month,