The Red Line

I have really been struggling as those who are close to me or who I am working with are triggering a lot of emotion within me. Here I am closing in on 69 years of age and I’m struggling at times with my perception of being undervalued and misunderstood. I know it relates to my Chiron, my deepest wound in Aquarius in the 3rd House of communication. If I’m questioned about something, I feel like I’m being challenged and my responses range from being defensive as the tone of my voice changes, to being  to short and cutting with a smartass type response, to emotionally biting the head off of the triggering person. Even with Metaphysical knowledge of everyone and every circumstance being a triggering opportunity to bring repressed energy to the surface, your emotions can really go off the rails. The reality of the situation is, A) the emotional energy is real and has to go somewhere and B) how can you constructively release it? Since you’re experiencing Real, Live Energy, the choice or pathway of letting the energy unfold or rip, lies with the person holding the trigger, and that is now, YOU! The Universe did its job, now it’s your job. What are you going to do?

  • Are you going to repress it, that is just pushing down what is trying to get out, so another trigger will be brought in.
  • Are you going to, Cross – The Red Line and let it rip and pass the blame onto the trigger as you’re taking their head off? The lesson won’t be learned, and another triggering moment will be presented.
  • You don’t repress, you have the Ah-ha moment and constructively speak your truth or take the necessary action. According to Maitreya, you’ll be tested 3-times and then a 4th in the distant future to see if you’ve really passed the test.

Unfortunately, I’m still stuck primarily at 1 and 2. I reserve #1 for colleagues and #2 for Jean and Korinne. I am striving to become more aware and am trying for some constructive makeup time to attempt to mend the fences, but the Universe keeps bringing back the lesson. I think I may need to think about getting Jean and Korinne some full-emotional-body-armor for their upcoming birthdays. 😊

In all seriousness, try and realize; the energy needs to get out, there is a reason for the person or circumstance to trigger you. Strive to get to Step 3, but if you’re stuck in #1 and #2, try to at least take some ownership in YOUR actions.

Maitreya stressed, Education is the key, here is a link to Maitreya Teaching Videos to assist you.  For more videos, view the Playlists on the Maitreya Wisdom YouTube Channel or for a free download of the Maitreya Wisdom Card App  or Maitreya Quotes App, follow the links. Visit the website to learn more about becoming your own Master.

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