The Road Trip of Life

We often take what we call “Road Trips”, where we jump in the car in the early morning and head off to some unvisited destination returning home under the cover of darkness. We often will search the internet to prick our interest as to what we think we are going to see or experience at the end of our sojourn. Korinne and Jean love to take pictures along the way and Jean will often share our adventure via a FB posting.

When we stop to take pictures at the edge of a highway or a beautiful overlook, I will often have Korinne take a picture capturing the road from the perspective of where we just came from and a shot of the road and the mystery of what lies ahead. The road takes on many appearances; long, winding, curvy, flat, uphill, downhill, peaceful, serene, barren, lonely, solitary, isolated, and it is sometimes surrounded by beautiful fields of wheat or protected by strong and majestic rocks cliffs, or possibly covered by trees forming a protective canopy to form its own picturesque portrait.

You could attach many metaphors and emotional states of being to each picture. Each shot is as real as life itself. Whether we look forward or backward, each picture depicts facets of our human experience; twists and turns, beauty, times of loneliness, time of regrets, times of peace. Welcome to life and your Personal Road Trip. Life itself is not meant to be always peaceful and serene because without curves and hills or barren and lonely patches, the learning we’ve chosen to experience during these periods couldn’t happen.

We want to aspire to always being open to the mystery of what lies ahead and build upon what was gained from the road just traveled. The interesting aspect of that focus is to realize we are human; it is ok to have expectations of what lies ahead but we must strive to accept that when our expectations aren’t met, the outcome is nothing more than an opportunity for learning and try to not get distracted in the disappointment, because we may miss what the unknown road ahead may be presenting to us. Maybe it’s nothing more than learning trust and patience.

We just experienced one such trip. Up at 5am for an early start to a beautiful destination called Artist’s point on Mount Baker about 120 miles from us. The road up the mountain was windy and narrow with a lot of switchbacks. Even on a normal day it would have been slow going, but with the drizzling rain and being engulfed in fog since it was still early morning, our pace at times was slowed to a crawl. We finally reached our destination that should have presented to us a breath taking panoramic 360-degree unobstructed view of the snow-covered peaks of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan, hence the name “Artist Point”. Well, back to those expectations we build for ourselves, as we pulled into the parking lot at the trail head, visibility was “ZERO” in the murky fog and misty rain, LOL. Here’s the internet pictures of our “Road Trip” that we built our expectations on.

I guess our experience was only fitting as we’re currently right in the middle of a retrograde period where 6 planets are retrograde, and it’s a period of introspection and a time to finish up tasks or issues, internal or external, that we have conveniently pushed aside. So, the feeling of being trapped and claustrophobic in the fog left us to delve into our own thoughts as we slowly crept up the mountain. It’s much like life, the road continues, and you struggle to push yourself to keep moving, lost in your opinions, judgements or regrets as you try to make sense of the moment. We tend to look for answers outside ourselves or lash out at someone or something to try and make sense of our uneasiness, when in fact the answers to our unease reside within. We all were lost in our thoughts, but I must admit we did allow the self to come in for a moment and spoil the moment as were lured into assigning blame as to who came up with the bright idea of venturing up to this majestic spot in the early morning hours before the sun had a chance to burn off the fog, oops! Remember there is a reason for everything, I think we flunked the test on patience and trust, but I feel there are many more “Road Trips” ahead, with or without a car, that will allow us to constantly ask the question. What am I supposed to be learning from this experience? Remember if you want to know where the answer resides, glance in the mirror!

Have a great month,