The sacral chakra is all about having fun and enjoying the good things of life! When this is chakra is open and in a state of balance, we feel that we deserve the good things in life, and are worthy of receiving abundance and prosperity.
It is the chakra of creation, and it governs our reproductive organs, and the process of creating new life. We tend to think of all this as pertaining only to childbirth, reproduction, and sexuality, but it is also to do with the birthing of new ideas and possibilities.

The colour of the sacral chakra is orange, which is a joyous colour, and is the colour of change and movement. Change is certainly what happens when we create something new in our lives! Orange gives us the power to move on from the old and bring in the new!

The sacral chakra is associated with the element of water, and like the moon, which governs the tides of Mother Earth, it governs the tides in our bodies, that is, the flow of body fluids, particularly the menstrual cycle and the male fluids.

When this chakra is blocked, gynaecological problems, impotence and frigidity, inability to conceive and kidney problems can result. It is also interesting to note that both sex and money have been considered to be “unclean” by many societies, and we see many people in the so called “dirty” sex industries earning large amounts of “dirty” money, while people doing other kinds of “clean”work often struggle to make a living because it has long been considered virtuous to be poor!

Carnelian, tiger’s eye and onyx are good crystals for this chakra.
Essential oils for the sacral chakra are sandalwood, neroli, ylang ylang, patchouli, orange, bergamot and petitgrain.

We can help to keep the sacral chakra open by expressing our sexuality in a healthy way and by doing things that we really enjoy and which make us feel good.