I am more and more aware of the two distinctive parts of me – The Higher Self and the Lower Self. The Higher Self-part of me is very positive and optimistic. It knows no fear; It likes to be playful, free, happy and laugh; It has empathy, it’s not attached to any emotions, but it doesn’t repress them either; It goes easily with the flow of energy, not questioning or reasoning, and knows that everything happens for a reason and that will work out for the highest good in its own time and way; It believes that there is nothing I cannot do; And it has the understanding, acceptance and appreciation for everyone and everything.

On the other hand, The Lower Self-part of me is very negative and crafty. It fills me with all the negative thoughts and emotions. It is tied to my insecurity, survival instincts, mind, logic and reasoning. It is judgmental and critical; It blames and complains instead of taking full responsibility; It wants to run away from any challenge and difficult situation instead of working it through; And it always takes things personally, it is very defensive and selfish, and more….

It took me a long time to realize all of my negativities came from my Lower Self; I simply allowed it to dictate me, manipulate me and control my life and me. I did not know that a lot of the suffering and pain I experienced in the past were actually created by my own Lower Self. The Lower Self part of me created the drama, pain and suffering through my own emotional attachment expressed through my fear, insecurity, anger, guilt, jealousy, pride, low-self esteem, comparison and not believing in myself. It took me down the road of self-pity, self-sabotage and self-destruction. It was always complaining and blaming others for issues that were my own fault.

As I raise my consciousness, I am more aware of these two distinctive parts of me. The Self-part of me resides in my subconscious; it is tied to my emotional body and rules my physical existence. It is feeds my ego and survival instinct. I am now having more observations an ah-ha moments about my Self. I notice how negative I was and can be, and how my mind is constantly feeding me negative thoughts. My mind drives me crazy as it is constantly feeding me negative thoughts and words about everything I enjoy or feel good about. The moment I think about something positively, I can immediately hear my mind say to me, ” don’t be silly, you’ll never be able to achieve that, you are not good enough, you cannot be successful.” This invokes so much fear, doubt, jealousy, and anger in me.

The battle between the Self and the Higher Self is very real and never ends, but most of us do not know about it and simply allow the Self to have its dominance in our life. In my truth, when country, religion, tradition and politics fight against each other for their own righteousness, it is the Self. The Self-part of us has ruled and controlled human society in every way and in every thing we do. It will continually control us until we realize it is present and allow our Higher Self to take control of our body, mind and spirit.

I am more and more aware that the only battle I need to fight is the battle within me and that is the very real battle between my Self and my Higher Self. I now declare that I do not want my Lower Self to control my life and me anymore. Although it will take great awareness, determination and effort to deal with my Self, it is the only path and journey I must take in order to free my soul from earthly incarnations and allow me to return home forever.