The Storm Before Calm

Lately there has been a lot of unfavorable things happening around us. Some may say that our world is becoming worse and dooms day is nearing. I have mentioned this before that as more and more darkness is uprooted, this may give the impression that our world is filled with more darkness. This is because darkness cannot be in hiding anymore. In the Old Energy, darkness was able to stay hidden but as we shift into the New Energy, there is nowhere to hide anymore as Light fills every nook and corner of Earth slowly but steadily.

The Shift began in 2012 at the precession of the equinox when humanity passed the marker and Light won. This victory was by no means the end of darkness. This merely marked the beginning of the Shift towards Light Consciousness which was also depicted in the Mayan calendar. This victory also means that the majority of humanity chooses peace and Earth will not be destroyed. However, a lot of work still needs to be done to displace darkness from our duality world (Push-and-Pull). All aspects of darkness has to come to the surface to be dispelled. A lot of people are going through sufferings, hardships and some may even be delusional as their karmic energies surface. Those who snap can take their own lives or take others with them. We are hearing deaths more often as souls who couldn’t take it will exit Earth. Covid and RVS are helping to raise our consciousness as the Earth consciousness shifts to a higher one.

Our world will not go back to its old normal. We will have a new normal of a better life and integrity. All areas of darkness has to be displaced with light. Banking, Insurance, healthcare, politics etc. will be uprooted and replaced. This will take time because those invested in darkness will not go so easily but will go out kicking and causing as much harm as they can. Some may lose hope because of the gloom that hovers above us. Understand that everything comes from the creative Source, even those who are invested in darkness. The prime directive on Earth is freewill for all. Hence, Spirit doesn’t stop any soul from investing in darkness. However, darkness force can be directed into bringing Light and awakening souls. Take for instance the tragedy of September 9/11, 2001. The tragedy brought people together in unity, love, and compassion, regardless of race, creeds, beliefs, or nationalities. Though it is sad that a tragedy had to happen to awaken us, but we cannot deny that it catapulted humanity towards Light in leaps and bounds. So have hope for a better tomorrow.

May I say that it will take some earth time for the collective consciousness to shift gears. Upheavals happen on all levels, individually as well as globally. Lately, I have been hearing a lot of breakups in relationships, divorces as well as ailments or sickness surfacing (some of unknown nature). May I reiterate as our world consciousness is raised, we as individuals have to raise our own vibrations too so that we will not be overwhelmed with issues, challenges, and ailments. I emphasized on several occasions that the way to handle it is to be mindful 24/7. If you choose to still abide by the Old Energy and live in survival mode, I can assure you that you will feel depleted and drained. I am sure some of you are already waking up around 3-4 am in the morning as your karmic blocks surface. In the New Energy, one strives to be mindful 24/7 and this will invite synchronicities into one’s life. You will know you are on the right track when synchronicities happen in your life.

A lot of the happenings in the Old Energy is due to karmic energies stored in the soul memories. Endless fighting, wars, or the generalization of tic-for-tac (an eye for an eye) are caused by stored soul memories. We can see this in politics where the pot calling the kettle black. This will not end so easily until the New Age kids become adults and old enough to hold office. The New Age kids come in with a clean slate or karma-free. Hence, they do not have soul memories in their Akash to fight their parents’ wars or enemies. Instead of bickering about their political opponents, they will join hands instead and acknowledge their opponent’s abilities and celebrate a joint leadership. So have faith that we will have a better tomorrow. There are inventions and tools coming for Lightworkers that are on hold. Until we are able to live more peacefully, they will not be made available because darkness can sabotage them.

Understand that dark is not active. It is merely the absence of Light. How long or severe we anticipate the storm to be depends on us. We do not need a lot of Lightworkers to bring Light to the entire world. We just need a sufficient number to turn on their Lights. When a Light is turned on, the entire dark room/space lit-up. So Lightworkers, please turn on your Light today.

I leave you in Love and Light.

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