The Time for Integration Is Now
by Laura Elliot

What is the difference between knowing this flesh you inhabit at this moment isn’t the real you but only a piece of your essence, and continuing to be asleep and in ignorance of your true nature?  This makes a huge difference in the scheme of things.  As a matter of fact, it is all the difference in the world, this one or any other as well.

The Beings of this Universe, and every Universe, are awaiting the outcome of the experience that is the Earth.  So much rides on the outcome YOU choose, because it is all your choice as to how things turn out.  You are not “along for the ride” as you like to think, but are the co-creators of your lives, of your very reality as you experience it.

What if you were to open yourselves to a new awareness of what is “real”?  Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone and experience a new reality?  It is truly like living in The Matrix.  The Being you incarnate as on the Earth is but a projection from your true essence, which stays in Spirit to offer guidance and love from the other realms.  The problem is, you forget this fact when you became a part of the energy of the 3rd dimension.  The Being you truly are is massive and cannot be contained in one small container such as your current physical body.  Only a piece of you inhabits your current form, while most of your essence remains in Spirit and is your connection with All That Is.  Your belief is not required for this to be true, but in knowing it you allow your 3rd dimensional body to integrate, as fully as it can in the 3rd dimension, with your Higher Self and All That Is.

Do not let the energy of fear prevent you from reuniting with your Higher Self and becoming more fully who you truly are.  Your fear is the only thing that can prevent this from happening; fear of the unknown, fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear that you are not good enough.  You are the master of your destiny and are worthy of ALL the Universe has to give you.  You are worthy of completeness, wholeness, and self-love.  The ONLY one, at any time, place, or period is YOU that prevents the reuniting of your Higher Self with the piece of your essence that currently inhabits this physical manifestation of itself.  Do not let any outside influence keep you from your joy of Oneness with yourself, or with All That Is.

You are ALWAYS loved, incredibly, fully with the heart of All That Is, and we would wish for you to accept this understanding and awareness and incorporate this information into your lives to create change and growth for your Highest Good.