The Universe Knows What It’s Doing!

The Corona Virus is literally turning the World upside down. It oblivious to your politics, ethnicity, social status, or belief system. It’s not something that can be shamed, embarrassed, swept under the rug or bought off. It is touching the lives of everyone across the world in some way. For some it may be fatal to them or someone close to them, for others it may cause major disruptions to their livelihoods, and for some it may just be an annoying intrusion into their daily life. The one thing that is becoming evidently clear as the days tick by, is that there is a lot of change in our futures.

Each of us is in our own unique situation, and while our circumstances relating to the virus may be different, we are all being impacted by external events that are pushing us out of our comfort zones and are for the most part, completely out of our control. We are being put in circumstances ranging from inconvenience to tragedy to experiencing feelings of helplessness. These situations are bringing energy in in the form of thoughts and emotions to the surface of our consciousness to be addressed. What is the purpose of these thoughts and emotions? The tough love answer, no matter how painful, is that the Universe is forcing these trapped energies to the surface to assist you to grow from the experience.

How can you grow and learn from the experience? Face it, process it and hopefully learnt from it. Unfortunately, you must become aware that you have an issue before you can face, process, or learn from an experience. The lower self-aspect of ourselves will do anything it can through fear and emotions to keep us blinded to the energy coming to the surface. We can either turn ourselves into a victim or go within and look at the energy that the Universe is trying to bring to the surface to be released.

I was fortunate to experience real-time the process play-out the other evening as I comfortably was watching a T.V. show. There was a particular scene centered on blatant abuse of power by a government official that triggered incredible anger in Jean. The next thing I know, she is yelling at the T.V. as the energy just streamed out of her. This was followed by an intense coughing fit and then she completely broke down in uncontrollable tears and sobbing from the depths of her soul. She was releasing a childhood experience where government officials had denied her brother from attending school because their father had been arrested during the Chinese cultural revolution. They were 17 and 15 years old respectively, and they were completely helpless and powerless against those in authority.

The energy from this painful experience was trapped within her etheric body and the Universe was providing the catalyst to release it. It was enlightening to see her face the energy, process it, and go within to find the root. She did not ruin someone’s day by throwing her anger at them or start yelling anti-government slogans from rooftops, she embraced the energy and released it. Thanks Jean, you are an incredible teacher who walks her talk!

What has this got to do with the Corona Virus you might ask? Well, we do not usually watch as much T.V. as we currently are due to the stay-at-home order, so as Maitreya would often remind me, “There are no accidents and the Universe knows what its doing”! So, as your emotionally charged energy gets tweaked during these times of change due to the Corona Virus, try to dig deep and tune into what the Universe is trying to make you aware of.

Have a good month,