The Way of Life
by Jean Luo

Everyone, regardless of whatever our education, cultural background, nationality, race, color of the skin, social status, heritage, wealth, religion, and beliefs, etc., is an individual soul on the journey of soul evolution. There are no accidents that we are all here on the Earth Plane at this moment of time to experience the worldly change and transformation collectively and individually. The Pandemic seems to be a nightmare and disaster to all of us because it has robbed our sense of security, kicked us out of our comfort zone and forced us to make change. As such, the Pandemic has become a ruthless catalyst to awaken our soul to his/her own remembrance – the meaning of his/her existence and the purpose of his/her life on the Earth Plane.

Do you think that if we all were living comfortably that we would really want to make change? If we all felt secure, would we really be aware of our deep fear of insecurity? If we were all living happily, would we really know or understand pain and suffering? If we effortlessly have whatever we want, and love comes so easily, would we really know or realize how precious and honored that life and people who love us are, would we recognize how much we should appreciate them? The questions can be an endless list for each of us to ask. When we experience any hardships in finance, relationships, health, or other areas of our life, we often ask, “Why do I have to struggle so much in life? Why am I so unlucky? Why do I have money problems? Why do I have health issues? Why am I attracted to bad relationships? Why do I have such difficult parents? Why did my friend betray me?” etc., etc. Believe me, I can hear you, because I was one of them twenty years ago. Unfortunately, no matter how much we don’t want to experience hardship, challenges, obstacles, and difficulties in our life, we cannot avoid it or escape it until we begin to awake the spirit part of our being, and until we start to search for answers and try to make sense of all the perceived difficult situations and relationships we experience. Then, only then, can we start to connect the dots, to make sense of our life, and to find our true happiness and inner peace.

“Life on the Earth plane is created for a soul’s learning experience. Soul growth is achieved through the lessons the soul has chosen to learn in this incarnation. As the soul begins its spiritual development, life, at times, seems to become very hard when the karma, past life energy and learning lessons are all intertwined into everyday life. Often it is at this stage, that the individual is easily wrapped up in “negativity” – complaining, blaming, self-pity, fear, and anger because the Self part is in control. When you are controlled by the Self, you can hardly see the positive side of life.”

“Many of us are not aware of the lessons that others are trying to teach through mirroring for us. We simply repeat, or relive the past life pattern, and the lesson is never learned.” –  from Maitreya Wisdom Cards – Gratitude

Thus, if we only live our life as it seems to be on the surface, we are for sure living in the illusion of survival on the Earth Plane. We often wander through life without purpose, direction and meaning. Even if we seem to have everything materially and physically, we can still be unhappy and are not able to fill the void deep in our heart.

The truth is that each of us is a soul on the journey of soul evolution, attending the school of life on the Earth Plane. During our time of attending the school of earth life, each of us has chosen to work out our karma, deal with our past life issues, release past life energy, and learn our chosen life lessons. Throughout our life journey on the Earth Plane, we are attracted energetically and karmically to the very people and situations, which will compel us to confront our true motives, intentions, and purpose for being. These interactions are meant to bring out the stuff we are really made of, which are aspects of life that our Lower Self wants to keep hidden away. This process is the life journey we’ve chosen for our soul evolution. However, most of us do not understand the complexity or dynamics of the path we’ve chosen for our learning, and therefore the experiences encountered on our journey create intense emotions of fear, anger, insecurity, and doubt, etc. This causes us to get lost in the confusion and uncertainty of the everyday events of life. As a result, most of us are most likely caught up in the illusion of the game of life, unable to fulfill our destiny, because we don’t know or understand the rules of the game.

Life is a school, an education, a game, and an illusion. It is only there for us to learn, to play, to dance, and to grow in awareness of our true spiritual nature. The key to how well we attend, and how good we play lies within each one of us. It connects to Metaphysics – the Energy and the Way of Life!

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“Understanding the purpose of life and how to play with it.”

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