The Wound
Hrafnkatla Valgeirsdóttir

We all have a wound.  I am referring to the wound on our soul. We all get physical wounds some time and another but in most cases, they heal rather quickly. But that is not the case for our soul wound. Our soul wound is deep and is often connected to the early connections with our parents or caregivers. When we are born out of our mother´s womb, tiny and helpless we need a security line right away. It is at this specific point in time that we form our first attachment. If this process is somehow disturbed, we become insecure and wounded. This experience creates wound on our soul. The reason for disturbance in this process is often because of our parent´s or caregiver´s wound. Because of their wound they have less ability to form attachment with us. This is therefore often a chain reaction between many generations. When one generation starts to heal their wound, they are breaking the chain. In that way they are making a better life for their children and descendants in the future. It´s very important for each and every person to heal their wound and it is one of the major purposes of life here on Earth. I also want to point out that sometimes the wound is connected to experiences from our past lives.

The wound let us react in certain way, often in a negative and aggressive way. When we start to heal the wound, we will react very differently. We either don´t engage like we did before, or we react in another way and our reactions have more positive outcomes for both our self and others.

Another very important side of the wound healing process is the connection between the wound and addiction. A person who has healed his addiction has healed his wound. Therefore, the addiction is always the consequence and the wound is the cause. When the wound is unhealed the person uses alcohol, drugs, food, sex, to interact with other people in a form of neediness and many more to mask the pain and make some distance from it. To heal the wound whether there is a form of addiction or not, we have to look straight into the pain with no evasion.

What is your pain and what is it connected to? The wound healing process is difficult for everyone but after a while and a lot of hard work you will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will also discover that you have been holding on to the pain for far too long. Hopefully you are now ready to look into it and heal it. There is no rush either. Your wound has been there for a long time. Take your time. Often, we have to go many rounds in this process and the wound will heal more and more in every round. A new and brighter horizons are waiting for you when your healing will start to succeed.

A good exercise to start the healing process

Have ready with you a piece of paper and colours with a variety of tones. Do a meditation or something which help you to connect with your intuition and your soul. Imagine your wound, see it before you, go with the flow and draw what you see. Often it has started to heal on the outer edges so you can for example use pink colour there. The colour you use is of course your choice. When the picture of the wound is finished keep it in a good place where you look at it daily. This let you be aware of your wound and help you to start the healing process. Draw it again after a while. Let your intuition guide you when there is time to draw again. Good luck and have faith in yourself and the healing process.