There Are No Accidents

by Jean Luo

Since I started doing in-depth astrological readings, I have not seen anyone who did not have issues with family, or with relationships, or with one’s own health. Each one of us is a soul on the journey of soul evolution, striving to raise our vibration and consciousness and to get closer and closer to the Divine Source. The Earth Plane is a playground, a school, and a stage for our soul’s learning, experiencing and growth. We do so through all sorts of relationships with the people in our life regardless of whether it is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ relationship, or whether we ‘like’ it or not. People who we interact with are for one or all the following reasons: karma, past life, and life lessons. Once we are aware of these three major themes unfolding in our life, then, only then, can we make sense of our existence with our family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, bosses, authorities, etc., can we truly let go of our pain, deeply ingrained anger, resentment, and hatred, which will enable us to truly forgive those who might have wounded us, and make peace with our rivalries and enemies.

The truth is: people whom we meet, who were in our life in the past and who are with us now, and whom we will meet in the future are all our teachers and mirrors. No matter whether they are in our life for a long time or just for a short period, they are here to teach us something that we need to learn, or to show us a part of us that we need to look at so that we can make change or improve as a soul. As always, the Self part of us does not like it at all, it always reacts negatively and defensively through all sorts of emotional reactions – anger, fear, resentment, grudges, jealousy, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, feeling not good enough, insecurity, etc. It does its best to prevent us from seeing the real reason of their existence in our life. Instead of asking ourselves, “Why did I have such an emotional reaction to them? Why did I not like them in my life? What were they mirroring for me that I did not want to see? What were they showing me? What did I need to learn from?”

The Self part of us keeps us in a mind loop of defending and justifying, and in an emotional victim mode, “why are they so mean to me, why did they do that to me, why did they say that to me.” blah blah, blah… It is so easy and convenient to blame others rather than to look within because the Self part of us does not want to face the issues and lessons we have setup for our learning. We often fight the most with the learning we setup for ourselves before we were born. As a result, the Self part of us keeps us in its own illusion and darkness. The only purpose of the Lower Self part of us is to stop us from moving forward to higher vibration and from breaking the cycle of incarnation.

People in our life are for a reason and a purpose. They are here to help us learn our chosen life lessons, work on our outstanding karma and deal with past life energy so that we can raise our vibration and attain soul growth. The mirrors are only presented in our life to show us what is within us so that we can make change for the betterment of our soul. Once we have learnt our lessons, worked out the karma and worked through the past life energy, the teachers and mirrors will no longer be there in our life. Then, the new teachers and mirrors will be presented to us for our new learning. The learning and growing will never stop until the day we have completed our earthly learning and are ready to return home to the world of Spirit. Therefore, we should always be grateful for everyone whom we have in our life with us, and whom we meet on our journey of life.

Yes, life is all about energy. People are drawn to us by the energy that is outstanding in our bioenergy field. Try to understand life on the metaphysical level, it will help us understand the meaning and purpose of our life, our existence on the Earth Plane, our relationships with our family, friends, and other people; It will enable us to release our fear, anger, insecurity, and all sorts of ‘negative’ emotions.

If you can do so, you will have so much more clarity for whatever is going on in your life, and you will be amazed with why people treat you the way they do, and why they act the way they do. You will be able to pull yourself out of the emotional drama of all sorts of relationships, to truly detach from them by no longer giving them any energy.

Yes, the process to heal our deepest wounds is never easy. We must go through the process of releasing whatever deeply buried emotions we are holding onto that has caused us so much hurt and pain. However, understanding that there are no accidents in life, that people in our life are our mirrors and teachers, will assist us to see through the illusion of emotions, and to rise above the circumstances we are in. This is the journey of the soul growth. This is how we learn, grow, and evolve. The journey is the reward!