It seems as of late there are many dealing with some sort of transition in their lives. It might be an ending of a relationship, a new job or even a change in location of residence. All of these changes can affect your emotions and in a big way. There are those that celebrate moving on to a new home while others are more anxious over the uncertainty of where they are moving to.

Ending a relationship can be trying as well. I know people who celebrate wholeheartedly because they were so unhappy. I also know people who were on the receiving side and very unaware that it was coming. They’re angry or find themselves grieving heavily.

At this time, I happen to be changing my residence. Though I’ve lived happily in my home for the past seven years, I listened to my intuition when I felt very deeply that it was time to move on. A change in location is needed for me. I don’t know why or where I’ll end up, only that I need to trust in the fact that everything happens for a reason. I’m moving to only a temporary residence at this time but have absolute faith that spirit will lead me where I need to be. I can almost see the moment where I’ll be shown and how it will feel when I take that first step onto the new property. However, it won’t be disclosed fully until the timing is right. I need to close one door in order to open another. I’m now in between the two, readying myself to turn the knob on the new door.

I write this because I’m dealing with a surge of emotions. As the time draws closer to the day I walk out of my home forever, I feel excited yet sad. I have times when I suddenly break down into uncontrollable tears and the next moment I’m fine. The energy in my home has been wonderful, loving and extremely peaceful. The house backs up to a protected green space so I’ll miss the nature just outside my back door. In those moments of tearful bouts of sadness, I realize I must do this to release any last bits of emotional attachment I have to the house and leave in a state thankfulness. I know in my heart; the universe will bring me something even better! That’s when my excitement kicks in.

Change is not usually very easy on folks but it is a fact of life. Things just don’t stay the same. It’s the attitude with which you enter that period that will make the difference on whether it’s a good experience or not. Do what grieving you need to do. Get rid of any anger that may have crept in. Release those emotions in order to assist in making room for the new. Then focus on the excitement of creating that new chapter in your life. Stay in gratitude and be open to what will come. Be careful not to put parameters on what the future holds for you because if it doesn’t go just the exact way you think it should, you may be disappointed. Disappointment will bring energy and emotions that will serve to block or retard the flow of what the universe wants to bring to you. So pull yourself into a state of peace and gratefulness. Be open and allow spirit to do its job. You just may be pleasantly surprised.