I had an interesting experience about 10 years, when just beginning my spiritual development. I did a lot of traveling for my job, as I was a Public Health Advisor and would perform environmental and food inspections for institutions. At that time I was inspecting Day Care Centers. I lived on the West side of Washington State, near Seattle and had to travel to the eastside via airplane and then drive a considerable distance to a remote location. I always found these long trips exhausting and often would spend just 12 hours in one day traveling to and from just to inspect one location.

This day was no exception. By the time I was actually driving to my destination, after being up at dawn, getting to the airport early for security check, air travel time and waiting for a rental car, I was very fatigued. I was thinking a lot about my Dad who had recently passed and was enjoying some fond memories. He was a mechanical engineer and helped design tunnels and dams and was wondering if he had any input to the Dam that was in the area. I was approaching the Grand Coulee dam in Washington State, finished in about 1942. I thought this was so cool and excited about the prospect of seeing this up front and close.

I could see it ahead and as I approached it, I found myself driving over the top and could look down and see the water cascading down. I was very excited to experience this so closely. After crossing over, I was on my way for further travel to my destination. As I was driving, I felt like I had gone somewhere and came back but just shook it off as fatigue.

On my way back after my inspection, I was again excited to drive over the top of this giant structure. As I turned to go over the top, there was a gate and guards, which prevented cars from driving over the top. I thought, how can that be, I just drove over the top a few hours ago! I turned around several time to try again but to no avail. I stopped in at the gas station just where I should go to make the turn over and asked where is the road over the top? The lady said, one cannot drive over the top; the road goes around the dam, not over the top. I looked at her and disagreed and said, “No, I came over the top on my way here, I want to go back the same way!” She kept arguing with me and said one has to go around. I shook my head, not understanding my earlier experience. I was tired and just wanted to go home. I got back in my car and drove around the dam and back to the airport.

I pondered this experience for several days and with help from spiritual counsel, realized I had traveled back in time or to another dimension for this adventure. I am still in awe of this experience and have not had a similar event since, (of which I am aware). It is just a reminder of how powerful our minds are and how we can create what we think and how we need to be mindful of our thoughts.