Tolerance and Judgment

Never judge another so you will not be judged.  People judge everything and even spiritually evolved humans judge others or themselves.  We tend to judge others according to our moral beliefs and standards. Maitreya’s teaching about right and wrong and opposites is a must read for everyone.

Millions of people live in fear believing that God will judge them. That society will judge them. That they will be condemned and restrained from society and even the kingdom of God.

I notice that religious people and lately even “spiritual” people judge the most. They are the first ones to start a crusade against others as they aggressively defend their beliefs and bash different opinions. Why are we so assured that our way is the right way? Who are we to judge others? Who gave us that right?

I find myself talking to clients about acceptance and living their truth and not just living to please others because it’s impossible to please everyone. There will be many of you feeling left out and there will be many who will try to distract you from your chosen path. That is only a test as the Lower Self struggles to keep us in a state of denial, despair and in our comfort zone. If you feel questioned and judged all the time, you must ask yourself one crucial question. Am I the one who is judging myself? Others are only our mirrors. There shouldn’t be fear regarding our lives. It is only an illusion. Every one of us is entitled to live a happy life.

More positivity is required while we wait for the clash of Saturn and Pluto in January just after the Lunar eclipse. Embrace the change with faith and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Let’s start our new year cycle in a right-authentic way.