Trick of Treat

It’s Halloween, which was a night of fun for me when I was a child. We walked around our neighborhood in our costumes, rang doorbells, and said “trick or treat” or as we grew older sang some jingle like “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” and then waited for whoever answered the door to put a piece of candy in our bag. Brings back memories of my carefree life as a child.

As an adult I’m conditioned to always buy a few bags of candy, regardless of the ridicule from Korinne as she reminds me that no one came last year or the year before! LOL None the less, I am hoping this year is different and we can drop a few pieces of candy into a youngster’s bag. We even bought Korinne a nice black Witch’s hat to wear as she opens the door. I had to settle with only the hat, she refused to let me paint her face green like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of OZ!

Can you see how we tend to hold onto our conditioning and traditions from childhood. There is nothing wrong with that; but do be aware that it can be a hindrance to moving forward with certain aspects of our life. With that said, I’m sure a few bags of candy, which I picked out, won’t be to detrimental to my waist-size if no one shows up.

On the other hand, I’m constantly reminding myself that holding onto certain things can have an influence or impact on those around me. While putting on a Witch’s hat probably won’t be a traumatic experience for Korinne, I should show respect and thoughtfulness and ask her if she approves of handing out the candy while donning a Witch’s hat. I did try and force the green face-paint, but her Scorpio energy was more powerful than mine! LOL

In these crazy times of raw emotions, just remember our actions do affect others. For all I know, Korinne was burnt at the stake and the Witch’s hat might not have been the best costume for her!

Have a great month