Triggers and Buttons

Once we can see that everything is just energy, just an illusion, we will no longer be as afraid of negative or painful emotions but will instead be able to feel more free and empowered to live, play, and enjoy life.

We might even begin to somewhat enjoy being triggered by people or circumstances for we could see that such emotionally-charged experiences are in fact gifts from the universe to help us learn more deeply and fully about illusion, duality and life on earth, and even about ourselves and healing ourselves. Not only can these ‘negative‘ experiences enlighten us about our inadequacies, insecurities and vulnerabilities, all of which are similar yet unique for each and everyone of us, when faced courageously they can also be the catalysts to help release any unresolved emotions still stuck within us.

With this new awareness we can now understand that when somebody pushes our buttons, the spiritual thing to do is to take responsibility and learn from it instead of blaming that somebody which would only result in further unnecessary negativity as well as distract us from the real issue at hand.

We might also begin to have the courage and confidence to revisit those old, painful memories that have been constantly crying out for our attention and resolution but which we have been pushing aside and putting off.

Clearing and healing ourselves of old and stagnant energy will allow us to rise further in vibration and allow more of our essence to shine through. When we have less fear, we will naturally have more love.

Once we can be grateful for the negative triggers in our life, we would be even more grateful for the positive ones in our life; we would be grateful and happy pretty much our whole life.