If someone told me that spiritual development on the metaphysical level was not easy when I first started my journey, I would have told them emphatically that they were wrong. The reason I would have reacted this way is because in the beginning I had such blissful and exciting experiences when I first awoke to the spiritual part of my being 13 years ago. I quickly found all the answers I was searching for at that time around. Now, 13 years later, after having experienced many tests and trials in my spiritual journey, I am humbled to say, ” yes, this is not an easy journey at all” with complete honesty. However, if you ask me, ” Do you have regrets about it? Do you want to go back the old way of living your life?” I will answer you with assurance and certainty that I do not regret my choice at all. I will not go back to the old way of living my life, on the contrary, I will move forward in vibration no matter what is required from me.”

Sine I was told to write a book about my life in February, I have been looking back at my life journey. I was constantly surprised and amazed at the same time that I have made incredible transformation, and I can honestly look into the mirror and see that I have become a much better person.

One of the changes I have made is the ability to let go of and detach from any concerns about another person, no matter what they have chosen to do and how they want to live their own life, even if it appears to me that they have chosen to run away from what they are suppose to do. Instead, all I need to is to focus on working through my own karma, releasing my own past life energy, learning my own life lessons and living my own life, and to have total faith and trust in the Universe to assist me precisely in my life and in its’ own time and its’ own way.

When I was a devoted Christian, I was always involved in helping others for it gave me a sense of worth. My emotions were greatly affected by other people’s doing, actions and reactions. If I was deeply involved in helping someone, I expected them to do what I wished them to. If they did not, I would be greatly disappointed. I was demanding, judgmental, critical and righteous. I could not understand why they did not do what I thought was the right or best for them.

When I took the Master of Metaphysical Courses with Margaret/Maitreya, I began to change by gradually letting go of my traits, habits, and conditioning that were no longer compatible with my soul growth, specifically letting go and detaching from those who were once in my life. I am always amazed by how the Universe knows how to assist each soul on their soul journey.

When I first started teaching what I learned from the courses I studied with Margaret/Maitreya in 2004, I met an old man who claimed to be my soul mate after he attended the course I was teaching. He said he was supposed to do the spiritual work together with me. I lent him $5,000 so that he was able to attend the master of metaphysical beginner course with Margaret/Maitreya in Australia. When he supposed to go to the advanced course with me, he chose not to go. He did not have the money, but he was too proud to tell the truth. Instead, he blamed me. He said the reason he didn’t want to go was that I was controlling him. I was totally shocked by his lie. But I did not give his accusation any energy even though it made me quite angry. I knew that if he was not honest in the beginning of our relationship, it would be impossible to do the spiritual work together. I had to detach from his situation and let go of him from my life. I was also told to let go of the money I lent him. I went to the second advance course by myself. At the end of the course, Margaret told me that she felt that the money I lent to this old man would be given back to me by the Universe, but she did not know how and when. I did not think about it afterwards. The Universe surprised me when I needed the money to repair the basement of my house before I sold it. I received a $5,000 check from one of Margaret/Maitreya’s followers, whom I did not know at that moment. When I saw the $5,000 on the check, I knew that the Universe had paid me back for that old man at the time I needed it the most without asking for it.

Another experience was with my ex-boss. After the past life energy between us came to the surface, I broke my own rule of not having any personal relationship in my working place because I did not want to jeopardize my job security. I started to have a sexual relationship with him. As our relationship developed, he began to be very controlling, demanding, judgmental and critical. He treated me as if I was his sexual tool and servant. I was very unhappy, had extremely low self-esteem and became severely depressed. I was miserable everyday while in the relationship with him. Finally, I had the courage to end this relationship. However, he did not take the breakup well, because he thought it was a rejection from me. When he realized that he could not get me back, he became angry and nasty. He used his power and authority to manipulate others against me. As a result, I made a decision to quit my job.

When I was told to file a lawsuit against him, I was scared to death. However, I was also told that by filing the lawsuit, I was helping him to learn his chosen life lesson of letting go of his control and manipulation. The process of lawsuit forced me to face my fear and to stand up for myself by telling the truth which I never did when I was in the relationship with him.

I was so worried about the outcome of this lawsuit because I did not have any evidence to prove our relationship. I worried that nobody would believe me; people would judge me and laugh at me as a stupid woman who was just digging for gold from him and this lawsuit. I was in abject fear, I cried all the time. Only when I finally realized that this lawsuit was not about winning, but about me facing my fear, standing up for myself, and telling my truth no matter whether others believed me or not, was I able to let go of my concern about the outcome and focus on learning my own lessons. I went through an 8-hour deposition to tell my side of the story with complete truth and honesty. I then faced my fear and attended his deposition and had to endure listening to him lie and deny our sexual relationship. I did not give him any energy; I was able to let him go.

As a result, the judge believed that I told the truth after reviewing our depositions, respectively and thoroughly. This case was settled out court. I learned a lot and grew a lot spiritually by going through this process.

More amazing to me is that in the late of 2014, right after we moved back to the USA from India, I received a phone call from a friend whom I was close to once, but we lost contact after I left my job. She somehow wanted to contact me. On the phone, she told me that my ex-boss was fired and was forced to leave his job. He was finally forced to give up his power and authority. I was surprised to hear this unexpected news; I was also amazed how the Universe works its’ way to assist each soul to learn their chosen life lessons on their life journey. My ex-boss could lie about the truth, he might have got away with it from human law perspective, but he could not run away from the lesson he has chosen to learn in this incarnation. The Universe assisted him to learn it in such an unexpected way.

I am very grateful for being able to learn what I needed to learn from these individuals; I sincerely thank them for playing their roles in my life to help me become who I am today. From my experiences with them, I am convinced that I am only responsible for my own life and life lessons. If someone does not want to engage in learning their lessons with me, it is their choice and their responsibility, not my concern at all. Once I finished my part in their learning, I let it go and moved on knowing the Universe would assist them on the life journey they chose. Have total faith and trust in the Universe, it knows what you need and when you need it!