Truth and Discernment
by Jean Luo

The worldwide pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus has greatly changed us and how we live our life. As always, change often brings chaos and uncertainty into our everyday lives, which inevitably invokes fear and confusion within us. We are forced to confront new unknowns as we ride into a darkness of emotional turbulence that will influence different aspects of our lives. To make it worse, there is constant news stories sowing and spreading additional fear and confusion through normal media and social media that adds additional energy to our already frayed emotional psyche.

A while ago, a friend of mine wrote to me about a channeled message she heard from a channeling event. She was disturbed and concerned about the truth of the message as she felt the message was staggeringly frightening. Luckily, she is very intuitive and an independent thinker. Her intuition told her that although we have been facing a lot of challenges and chaos this year, we will be able to ride it through and successfully merge with the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

One important lesson for everyone on the spiritual journey is to learn to discern who speaks the truth and who does not. Discernment means that you need to be honest with yourself and not be afraid of following your heart and inner guidance. Does the message or news speak to your heart and soul? Does it uplift you, encourage you and console you? Does it bring you hope and inner peace? Or does it invoke within you more fear, insecurity, and confusion? Each person must make their own choices as to what and who they believe. Inside your heart is your knowing. There is no right or wrong, only what resonates with you. Always remember, when you accept another person’s truth without question, then you cut yourself off from your own intuitive process, and therefore distance yourself from your OWN truth.

Each person has his or her own truth. No person can profess to know the truth, because one person’s truth can be another person’s folly. No one person can be correct at any time because he/she is correct only as he/she sees it, not as another person sees it. Your truth is yours alone and may differ from that of anyone else around you.  In order for you to become your own person, it is important for you to recognize your own truth even though another person may not believe it. When you accept your own truth, then you become the individual who you are supposed to be. You should also allow others to experience their own truth because everyone is different. Once you accept your own truth and acknowledge another’s truth, without argument or dissension, then you become enlightened. Only by doing this, and becoming detached from everyone else’s truth, can you truly and sincerely change and move into higher vibration. Discernment prevents you from falling in the trap of becoming like a sheep, mindlessly following the truth of someone else. Only By Following Your Own Truth Can You Honestly Become The Master Of Your Own Destiny.