Truth Push

We are all here to help each other to remember who we are and where we came from. We push each other in both positive and negative ways. We are always both giving and receiving, although it does not always feel like that. We are never only just giving or receiving. We will meet certain individuals in our lives. It could be on an old road, a friendship which lasts a short or long time, or even a very long marriage. We meet these individuals to receive one single push, or a few, or even a lot. Depending on how strong our forgetfulness is in our Earth life. We are recipients of truth pushes. We are also truth pushers. We can be both with the same individual. Many truth pushers experience meeting the recipients a long time ago, or maybe recently, and many truth pushes have been made, but the recipients are not ready to listen. It does not matter how much the truth pusher is trying to push the recipient, if they are not ready, it does not work. When we are ready to look in the mirror, then we are ready for a truth push.

The overall meaning of the push is “I am you, you are I, we are one, everybody is one, every single soul is interconnected with all other souls.” The content is then interpreted with different words and emphasis each time. The pusher is really consulting himself when he is consulting you in the present. He has come a long way in his development, he is consulting you in real time, but utilizes the lessons of his past with everything he has learned and went through to the present day. In that way we use our experience from the past until the present when consulting souls who are at the exactly the same place we were in a different time in our past. In that way we use our good insight to tell recipients a bluish truth about our different and challenging tasks. Something important to know. The recipient can never fully dedicate himself to our whole truth. Because my truth will never be exactly yours and that applies to all of us. Thus, the recipient uses his intuition and wisdom to discern what suits him from the truth push. When the recipient develops himself more and more, he becomes more able to tackle for himself the things which sets his developmental process at twice the speed. Similarly, when the truth pusher develops more, he will tell his truth with less and less of a filter until he lets everything go. For example, very serious and bad things which hurt others are confessed without any shame or guilt. When the pusher has started to tell things deep from his soul, he gives the most powerful push any recipient can receive. A truth push without filter and any shame almost always hits the mark and as a result the recipient takes a big jump in his development. When the pusher is at the place that he tells deep from his soul, he has started to take down his defences, most of them or all. Then there is a certain interaction with the recipient so that he automatically takes down all his defences without being aware of it and without any effort. Now begins a really brilliant dance where there are no defences, no filters and complete trust. A condition that creates perfect harmony, cooperation, transformation, the so-called Alchemy. An art that is ancient and has existed almost since the beginning of humanity and many souls have gained perfect control over it. It is the highest of all arts and opens access to all other types of it. Nothing that has been said here from above is new. You know every part of the process. Now you are only remembering what you know already. In a slow mode, step by step. So be very welcome to the Alchemy that you have always known! You are so welcome!

Hrafnkatla Valgeirsdóttir channelled this article on the behalf of Master R, also called Saint Germain.