Twenty Benefits of Spiritual Growth

There are many benefits of growing and evolving spiritually, and listed here are twenty of them which could also form a checklist to help us monitor our spiritual health:

  1. We find it easier to return to our natural state of love, peace and bliss, and rediscover our real identity.
  2. We have a keener awareness, especially of ourselves and our inner workings.
  3. We become more open-hearted and broad-minded, living and enjoying life with a fuller heart and clearer mind.
  4. We become more free and flowing, light and buoyant, and more capable of living in the spontaneous and eternal now.
  5. We are able to alleviate or even resolve some of our health issues, as we release some of our emotional blocks and become energetically more vibrant and balanced.
  6. We have more frequent feelings of vastness, expansiveness or boundlessness.
  7. We can more easily perceive and notice the positive, beautiful, perfect and divine inherent in all.
  8. We have lesser judgment, fear and hate, and therefore also other kinds of negative emotions. Consequently, we have more instances of happiness, joy and bliss.
  9. We feel increasingly more confident, as we release more and more of our fears.
  10. We are more capable of attending to financial matters with prudence and trust instead of greed and worry.
  11. We are more intuitive or psychic, having become more perceptive of ideas, feelings or words coming from our unconscious. We often have ideas popping up out of nowhere but this nowhere is actually somewhere and since we are not conscious of what it is, we just call it nowhere or simply our unconscious.
  12. We are more self-empowered, having become more aware and trusting of ourselves and our inner guidance. Going with what feels right or resonates for us essentially uses our heart to perform muscle testing, and experience makes more perfect such a craft.
  13. We can more easily tell the real from the unreal and realize that we are love experiencing a human and not a human experiencing love.
  14. We are better at managing our energetic hygiene and in dealing with negative or discordant energy, as we realize that we the real just cannot possibly be contaminated by the unreal. It takes time (and tribulation) to be convinced but sooner or later we realize that love is the most powerful and effective way to see through the illusion of the negative and imaginary. The only reason we are unable to heal ourselves is simply because we do not have enough love — to know that we are love. It is simply because our heart isn’t big enough and our love isn’t great enough that we are unable to know that we are love. It is thus entirely up to us (and especially our heart center) whether or not we are able to know ourselves, heal ourselves and free ourselves. Without such a self-knowledge, there can be no self-liberation.
  15. We are more aware of our eternal nature and that we are Spirit/Source having a temporal human and earthly experience.
  16. We can more easily return to the source of our being and become One with the Source of All. We can more easily tune into Universal Love and become One with the Universe. Whether we know it or not, love is everywhere. Just as the divine is omnipresent, so is love.
  17. We have a greater understanding of what others might be going through. A difficult person is usually one who is struggling and having a very hard time dealing with his or her life lessons. Or perhaps that is exactly the kind of negativity they have chosen to experience and express in this lifetime. In any case, what is more important is realizing that what annoys us about others is actually teaching us something about ourselves. Specifically, what buttons have they pushed and issues have they triggered in us that we have yet to heal or deal with, and the fact that pointing our finger at others would only get in the way of our healing, learning and growing.
  18. We are more able to see any surfacing of painful emotion as an opportunity for further self-understanding and self-healing, and a springboard to rise further in vibration.
  19. We feel more and more drawn to inner than outer sources of fulfillment and become increasingly more interested in the real than unreal.
  20. We are able to live a more soul-inspired existence and fulfill ourselves more deeply and on a soul level.