Two Sides to the Past Life Experience

I recently had an individual tell me that I owed them Karma and they expected me to make amends for this perceived past life incident. When I didn’t react or accept their premise they became quite upset. I’ve written before about seeing yourself as a victim. The victim mentality removes your ownership in the current situation that the Universe has presented you with. You bypass the question you should be asking yourself, “What should I be learning from this experience?”.

When someone triggers an energy within you, you should try and summon the fortitude to see the bigger picture and thank them for activating the trapped energy within you to bring it to the surface. Try to look within and understand the root cause of your reaction. Soul growth will occur through your comprehension of what was the experience that created the energy. Ask yourself what you should learn from the experience rather than seeing yourself as a victim and throwing your anger at the person who sparked your reaction. Try and remember, they are doing you a favor by prompting the reaction you are having. So, no matter how angry or emotional it made you feel; try to see that they are just a tool of the Universe trying to assist you to bring the energy to the surface for you to deal with and learn from. It is not about them owing you Karma, it is about them triggering you to allow you to release the energy.

On the other side of the equation, when and if the person who triggered the reaction within you comes to the realization that they owe you Karma, then it will be up to them, not you, to realize that they owe you a Karmic debt. The day may never come as you wait for them to repay something that is a realization or choice for them make, or not make. That side of the decision is part of their soul evolution, not yours, so don’t waste energy waiting on them.

I’ve had experiences as an objective observer and as a participant, where the person that triggers the reaction is completely oblivious to the fact that they owe the other party anything. Maitreya, in my early days with Margaret explained to me why I didn’t feel the past life energy that Margaret felt towards me. I had in a subsequent incarnation, worked through the Karmic energy related to my incident with Margaret. So, while the energy she was feeling and experiencing was very real to her, I didn’t feel or relate to the past life experience she was feeling. You, like Margaret may be feeling the same way towards someone and becoming angry or upset because they don’t feel what you feel and if they are like me, they never will feel anything because there is no energy there to feel or they have not yet come to the realization that they owe you anything.

Simply put, there are two sides to past life energy, you only control the part that is within you and you need to try and see through the emotion of the moment and give a big “Thank You” to the individual that triggered the energy for you to deal with. If a Karmic debt is owed you, understand that you have no control over that side of the equation. Try to put your energy into things you control.

Have a good month,